Thursday, May 3, 2012

What To Do In Omaha: Berkshire Hathaway 2012 Best Bets Part Four

Look, we've been to the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meeting before. And we know many of you want to stay in the Century Link Center for the whole duration and eat your $1 DQ Dilly bars, buy Ginsu knives, count how many Cherry Cokes Warren Buffett drinks, stock up on See's Candies, hug the Geico lizard and hear the Q&As. 

But for those of you who feel like you need some quick breaks, here is an emergency quick hit list that are all within a 20 minute walking radius. Note that those that are * are located in the Old Market and might make more sense to do during longer breaks or in the afternoon when the meeting is finished.

You need a:

• Cappuccino -- Blue Line, located at 14th and Cuming -- in addition to your coffee fix, they have all sorts of beverage treats including Italian sodas as well as light bites such as salads and sandwiches.

Light Snack -- Red Mango, located at 13th and Cuming -- this local outpost of a national chain of frozen yogurt deliciousness in a cup. Add fruit to make it even more healthy. Or add candy.

Stiff Drink -- The Liberty Tavern, located in the Hilton Hotel -- you can't get closer to an alcoholic beverage than within the hotel that is adjacent to the convention center.

Pedicure -- The Nail Shop, located at 9th between Dodge and Douglas -- we've raved before and we'll rave again as this is the place to get your nails and toes done. Relaxing...ahhhhhh....

Charcuterie Plate -- La Buvette*, located at 11th between Howard and Jackson -- because sometimes you just need a big honking plate of cured meats. Atkins-friendly.

• A First Edition -- Jackson Street Booksellers*, located at Jackson between 11th and 12th -- there's nothing like discovering a treasure in the form of a rare book, or even just a gently used one.

Something Sweet -- Bliss Bakery*, located at 11th and Jones -- because challenging times are always easier when you have a cupcake or cookie standing by.

Glass of Wine -- Nosh, located at 10th and Dodge -- 100+ wines are offered at this newish lounge located within minutes of the Century Link Center. Need we say more?

Bowl of Pho -- Saigon Surface*, located at 14th and Farnam -- who doesn't crave this cure-all soup that will wake your senses especially if you put some sriracha in it.

New Pair of Shoes -- Trocadero*, located at Howard between 12th and 13th -- everyone always needs and wants pretty things to put on their feet.

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