Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The BEST Bets in Omaha During Berkshire Hathaway Meeting 2012: Part Two

Hands down, the best steak in Omaha.

I came across this article about "What To Do In Omaha When You Need A Break From Next Week's Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting" in the Business Insider and as a former editor, I can't help but say I'm a tad disappointed with their picks.

Gorat's? Again? Really?

And including Berkshire Hathaway-owned Borsheim's really doesn't actually "give you a break" from the shareholder meeting when you're basically doing BRK stuff.

The Business Insider's Things to Do and See list isn't terrible but here are Trocadero's ideas when it comes to eating, recreational play and shopping. You'll see their options in red, and we've gone ahead and listed our counterpoints in blue.

So without further adieu, here are our counter-suggestions of what to do in Omaha when you need a break from this week's Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting:

1. Don't eat a steak at Warren Buffett's supposedly favorite steakhouse Gorat's. Instead, get an amazingly delicious Omaha-legendary "Whiskey marinaded" steak at the Drover (pictured above). You won't be disappointed.

Kara by Kara Ross drusy chandelier earrings at Trocadero
2. Don't buy a pair of earrings at Borsheim's, the jewelry store owned by BRK. Instead, get a pair of drusy earrings from Kara by Kara Ross at Trocadero, a boutique owned by the former Accessories Director of In Style.

3. Don't hit the links at Indian Creek Golf Course. Instead, hit the links at Elmwood Park, an easy 18 hole course that is a stone's throw (ok, more than a real stone's throw) away from Warren Buffett's house.

4. Don't check into the Hilton Omaha downtown where the conference is. Instead, check out and check into the Westin Group's Element Hotel, an-eco-friendly and modern option. 

The Boiler Room in Omaha
5. Don't eat beef stuffed pasta at the greenest restaurant in America, The Grey Plume. Instead, dine at one of the best restaurants in Omaha, The Boiler Room, or the newest, J. Coco

6. Don't pay homage to the oracle of Omaha's longtime home (that's creepy!). Instead, drive by the Omaha Community Playhouse, the theater home of Omaha natives Henry Fonda and Marlon Brando, and coincidentally see the current production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

7. Don't sample local microbrews at Upstream Brewing Company. Instead enjoy craft cocktails, bloody marys  and an amazing list of draught beers at Krug Park.

8. Don't visit the General Crook House Museum, a truly historical bizarre monument. Instead, well, actually I think this sounds pretty awesome! Never heard of it and love that it's something different. Go for it!

What's more Americana than Omaha and a baseball game?
9. Don't catch a baseball game at Werner Park and receive your own Warren Buffett bobblehead. Instead, I cannot really complain about this one either. Go get tickets to this Triple-A league because Omaha, baseball and Warren Buffett is as all American as you can get -- a true triple threat!

10. Don't play a hand of Buffett's favorite game at the Omaha Bridge Studio. Instead, head across state lines to Council Bluffs, Iowa and go play some Texas Hold 'Em at the Horseshoe. (I can't resist, as I'm an ex-poker player myself.)

11. Don't see the fastest jet-powered aircraft in the world and other awesome planes at the Strategic Air & Space Museum. Instead, see some of the fastest moving fish at the newly renovated and reopened aquarium at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

source: The Drover


jamie bell said...

haha! i much prefer your suggestions, alice. i still need to make it to the drover!

Flex said...

I second Jamie. These are much better!!

Flex said...

I agree! These are much better. Jamie, go to the drover ASAP. Miss you both!