Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alex's Must Have: TDM Bamboo Scarf!

A Trocadero staple, TDM Scarves are definitely a seasonal favorite. I was so excited for this shipment because I love to layer clothing and add a scarf on for an extra pop of color or texture. I know with the warm weather approaching, adding a scarf sounds like a sweaty mess, but these scarves are created from 100% organic Bamboo fiber (we also have a scarf in cotton) and are a breathable weight. They are in rich colors and organic patterns that will go with nearly any outfit, and will definitely add that "extra something."

Not only are these scarves super fun, they are economically and environmentally conscious. The scarves are hand made/dyed by Women in Nepal from natural materials, eco-friendly and azo-free dyes. A portion of the TDM profits go to help support health care and education for the women and children of Nepal. Not only will you be loving the look your scarf adds to your summer wardrobe, you will be helping out women and children in need! Bamboo Scarves available in Sea Green, and Bright Orange ($95) Cotton Scarf available in Patriot Blue ($55).

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Sarah Baker said...

I love my TDM scarf so much. In fact, I'm wearing it tonight.