Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Say NO: The Bad French Manicure

As the owner of Trocadero, I try to guide both my customers and my interns who are trying to pursue careers in fashion the proper tools to feel and look stylish. I practice what I preach by offering well designed accessories and shoes and explaining the benefits of spending wisely on shoes and bags as they so often become investment pieces that last for many years.

But it doesn't just end there. I really try to also offer advice in other areas so that each person is putting their best foot forward. One thing that I feel is necessary to preach is that thick, super-white tipped, squared off French Manicures are never stylish, classy or sophisticated. You'll never see a top fashion editor or publicist with these ultra-fake looking, thick nails. It just isn't a flattering look. Trust me.

If you must do a French Manicure, there are ways for it to look polished and attractive: it's on a slightly oval shaped nail, with a more natural white tip. Unfortunately most nail salons across America don't practice this more appealing look of the French Manicure and why so many girls and women are subject to the hideous square-tipped and glaring white-tipped version.

So next time you're at the nail salon, just say no to the unnatural French Manicure. Even better? Give up the acrylics and tips and go au naturel. Short nails in bright spring colors look smart and sophisticated. And it's a far better look when you're interviewing for that coveted fashion assistant position.

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