Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's the first weekend of May and that means about 30,000 people will descend to Omaha to participate in the three-day, three-ring circus that is Warren Buffett's annual shareholder's meeting for his company BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY.

If you're one of the lucky people who arrived today, you're in for a real treat with severe thunderstorms and a mini tornado watch! There's nothing like midwest thunderstorms; they're eerily romantic and absolutely frightening at the same time.

But hopefully once this passes, we'll be in for some 65 degree temps for the rest of the weekend...

Warren and the gang keep the shareholders pretty busy but if you have some down time, we recommend you of course come by the Troc and check out all our new spring merch! Everything from cool Joie oxfords to our classic gifts like the ceramic NYC We Are Happy To Serve You Greek coffee cups (and in honor of the original paper version's creator who just died today, the Troc will be giving the $13 cup for free with any purchase over $50 FRIDAY, APRIL 30th ONLY! Just mention this blog post to receive your free NYC cup with your $50+ purchase). We are also going gaga for this Anya Hindmarch glitter clutch...we only have one more left in the shop...who will be the lucky BERKIE who gets to take it home with them? Oh, by the way, we'll be offering FREE SHIPPING to those out-of-towners who show us their BRK Meeting Credentials and mention this blog post...
But besides shopping, what else are you gonna do? Eat, of course! At the Troc, pick up our complimentary guide of what to do, see and eat in the Old Market of Omaha. But if you're looking to dine beyond the Old Market, skip the lines at Gorat's and Piccolo Pete's (two of Warren's favorites) and if you're like me and my NYC and Omaha friends, we love our steaks medium rare and done "whiskey-style" at the Drover. If you want some really tasty Thai food, check out one of my favorites: Taste of Thailand at 157th and Center. Really great curries and delicious soups...but I'd avoid the pad Thai. For a delicious burger without all the fuss (it's served on a napkin), go to Stella's in Bellevue. They also have great fries and onion rings. For unbeatable Mexican food, go to Rivera's on 120th and Blondo and please order Sparky's nachos, the chicken enchiladas mole or BO's pork enchiladas...and get the sopapillas for dessert...heaven!

Ok, but if you want to stay local in the Old Market, these are my suggested dishes at some of my favorite places:
M's Pub: get a lavosh; they're all great but most people love the Thai one
La Buvette: their simple salad a la Buvette is perfect, especially with the cornichons and add the goat cheese. It comes with their homemade sourdough bread and butter and that's enough to make the perfect light lunch.
Hiro 88: brand new downtown location of a West Omaha favorite; Rock 'n Roll sushi roll, salmon skin hand rolls, crispy garlic steak, peanut butter chicken and the Asian short ribs appetizer. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
Stokes: go for Happy Hour and get a Moscow Mule to drink and order the Aztec nachos (they have an amazing curry sauce that adds a special something to the dish!)

Last but not least...BREAKFAST or top choices are: Lisa's Radial Cafe, a dive but oh-so-tasty...get the radial raft or even just the simple breakfast sandwich. The stuffed french toast rocks too. Dixie Quicks is a classic and just plain fantastic. Their french toast rules (with berries or chocolate) but my favorite is the Dixie Scramble. All I can say is Tomato Butter Sauce. Yum! Amato's is another great local restaurant and it's all about the blueberry ricotta pancakes (homemade ricotta) and anything with their homemade Italian sausage. And if you're feeling like having dim sum, run (don't walk) to Gold Mountain on 156th, north of Maple. They have all the pork buns, shu mai and lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice you can eat! And the Peking Duck is a steal and so yummy.

Dessert? Ted and Wally's for ice cream downtown and eCreamery in Dundee in midtown.

That's all folks! Have fun in's a great town to visit...and as you can see, a great place to live too!!

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cygne cooper said...

Cygne may be the lucky "Berkie" taking the Anya clutch home. I've nearly convinced mi madre it's an awesome graduation present!