Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ruffle into Spring

The other day, I couldn't help but notice Cygne's gray ruffle sweater. I loved the lightweight cashmere look, the soft gray, the pretty ruffle yolk and I really loved the "belled" sleeve-cuff. She admitted she stole it out of her Mom's closet; it goes to show how a simple item like this sweater can really span ages. The sweater happens to be from Ann Taylor, a place known more for its work looks for a more mature customer. Let's just say when I was an editor, it was pretty rare for any of us to wear clothing from Ann Taylor, Talbots and the like. But as I believe I have mentioned before, Ann Taylor has really put out some really good looking items as of late and I'm definitely going to have to check out what's new for Spring.

Speaking of Spring...where did it go? The warmer weather came and disappeared in Omaha this past week. April is always a bit fickle but I can't really complain as I know we're heading into summer, slowly...but surely. And that means it's finally time to start thinking about Spring Wardrobe Updaters. All month long, we'll be offering our ideas of what to incorporate into your spring and summer wardrobe from head-to-toe. The first tip comes courtesy of intern Jamie. With the transition from colder
temps to warmer ones, it's the perfect time to step out in the peep-toe bootie. We really love this one at the Troc from LAMB...and it's on sale! This bootie also incorporates another one of Jamie's Spring Trends: Cutouts. Seen all over the runways from Balmain to Marc Jacobs, cutouts didn't leave much to the imagination. So if you're a little shy about baring your soul (and shoulders and stomach), try the cut out peep toe bootie. You'll be knocking off two trends in one item...

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kflo said...

Hey Team Troc! Since it's now spring...any chance you'll be getting in any clogs?!