Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sarah's Spring Must Haves: Seasonless blazer

In my closet, blazers are a serious staple. I have lots of them: brown, black, cropped, boyfriend, multicolored and the now ubiquitous little boy's navy blue blazer with gold buttons.

With the weather warming up, I'm beginning to sport camisoles and sleeveless tops, and I noticed one gaping hole in my blazer collection: a lightweight blazer made for warmer weather. I get tons of wear out of my blue boy's blazer, but the shrunken shape doesn't always work and let's face it, sometimes you need a piece that looks more grown-up.

My search for the blazer--like most things--started at the thrift store. I've tried on countless blazers and most were either too heavy, without the drape I was after or had regrettable details like linebacker-sized shoulder pads, hideous buttons or ill-placed pockets. Sadly, I just can't rock a vintage blazer that well (see Karla's Closet blogger Karla for someone who rocks the vintage-shaped blazer like no other: exhibits A, B and C.) So I turned to the Internet to find something in a modern shape and crossed my fingers for something affordable.

J. Crew continues to be a brilliant stop for these types of wardrobe staples, and the sale section can be a real treasure trove, depending on what you're looking for, and I found what I was after. The silk Zoey blazer in black had all the things I was looking for: a lightweight fabric, a relaxed shape with some summery drape and functional cuff buttons,which will allow me to roll up the sleeve to the elbow. All this for only $49 (marked down from $145.) My favorite detail: the jacket is unlined, so the outer silk layer flows without interruption. I can't wait to start playing with my new essential piece.

Tell me, what's one of your must-have basics?

Image courtesy of jcrew.com.

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