Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Fever!

It's definitely finally springtime in Omaha. Yesterday as I watched a bunch of adorable 6 year olds playing baseball (very spring, indeed!), I could smell fresh lilac in the air mixed with some other scent I couldn't put my finger on. All I know is that it smelled gorgeous, fresh, clean, flowery and...well, like how Spring should smell!

Makes me really excited for another burst of springtime to roll into the Troc...in the form of Bond No. 9's latest creation: High Line. It's named after NYC's newest neighborhood in the meatpacking district (somehow, I think Meat Packing didn't seem like a good choice for a fragrance name, don't you think?). I love the gorgeous bottle with the clear glass, grass leaves and tulips. Thankfully the scent is delicious to smell as the bottle is beautiful. It's a "floral-marine" due to the elevated park's natural surroundings and flowers planted combined with the proximity to the Hudson River. There are notes of purple love grass, red leaf rose, bergamot, tulips, hyacinth and bur oak with some musk and sea moss to ground out the floral. It's a heady mixture of yummy goodness on your skin. The Troc will be getting delivery on High Line in time for Mother's Day...the perfect springtime way to tell her you love and appreciate her, no?

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