Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's the first weekend of May and that means about 30,000 people will descend to Omaha to participate in the three-day, three-ring circus that is Warren Buffett's annual shareholder's meeting for his company BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY.

If you're one of the lucky people who arrived today, you're in for a real treat with severe thunderstorms and a mini tornado watch! There's nothing like midwest thunderstorms; they're eerily romantic and absolutely frightening at the same time.

But hopefully once this passes, we'll be in for some 65 degree temps for the rest of the weekend...

Warren and the gang keep the shareholders pretty busy but if you have some down time, we recommend you of course come by the Troc and check out all our new spring merch! Everything from cool Joie oxfords to our classic gifts like the ceramic NYC We Are Happy To Serve You Greek coffee cups (and in honor of the original paper version's creator who just died today, the Troc will be giving the $13 cup for free with any purchase over $50 FRIDAY, APRIL 30th ONLY! Just mention this blog post to receive your free NYC cup with your $50+ purchase). We are also going gaga for this Anya Hindmarch glitter clutch...we only have one more left in the shop...who will be the lucky BERKIE who gets to take it home with them? Oh, by the way, we'll be offering FREE SHIPPING to those out-of-towners who show us their BRK Meeting Credentials and mention this blog post...
But besides shopping, what else are you gonna do? Eat, of course! At the Troc, pick up our complimentary guide of what to do, see and eat in the Old Market of Omaha. But if you're looking to dine beyond the Old Market, skip the lines at Gorat's and Piccolo Pete's (two of Warren's favorites) and if you're like me and my NYC and Omaha friends, we love our steaks medium rare and done "whiskey-style" at the Drover. If you want some really tasty Thai food, check out one of my favorites: Taste of Thailand at 157th and Center. Really great curries and delicious soups...but I'd avoid the pad Thai. For a delicious burger without all the fuss (it's served on a napkin), go to Stella's in Bellevue. They also have great fries and onion rings. For unbeatable Mexican food, go to Rivera's on 120th and Blondo and please order Sparky's nachos, the chicken enchiladas mole or BO's pork enchiladas...and get the sopapillas for dessert...heaven!

Ok, but if you want to stay local in the Old Market, these are my suggested dishes at some of my favorite places:
M's Pub: get a lavosh; they're all great but most people love the Thai one
La Buvette: their simple salad a la Buvette is perfect, especially with the cornichons and add the goat cheese. It comes with their homemade sourdough bread and butter and that's enough to make the perfect light lunch.
Hiro 88: brand new downtown location of a West Omaha favorite; Rock 'n Roll sushi roll, salmon skin hand rolls, crispy garlic steak, peanut butter chicken and the Asian short ribs appetizer. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
Stokes: go for Happy Hour and get a Moscow Mule to drink and order the Aztec nachos (they have an amazing curry sauce that adds a special something to the dish!)

Last but not least...BREAKFAST or top choices are: Lisa's Radial Cafe, a dive but oh-so-tasty...get the radial raft or even just the simple breakfast sandwich. The stuffed french toast rocks too. Dixie Quicks is a classic and just plain fantastic. Their french toast rules (with berries or chocolate) but my favorite is the Dixie Scramble. All I can say is Tomato Butter Sauce. Yum! Amato's is another great local restaurant and it's all about the blueberry ricotta pancakes (homemade ricotta) and anything with their homemade Italian sausage. And if you're feeling like having dim sum, run (don't walk) to Gold Mountain on 156th, north of Maple. They have all the pork buns, shu mai and lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice you can eat! And the Peking Duck is a steal and so yummy.

Dessert? Ted and Wally's for ice cream downtown and eCreamery in Dundee in midtown.

That's all folks! Have fun in's a great town to visit...and as you can see, a great place to live too!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sarah's Spring Must Haves: Seasonless blazer

In my closet, blazers are a serious staple. I have lots of them: brown, black, cropped, boyfriend, multicolored and the now ubiquitous little boy's navy blue blazer with gold buttons.

With the weather warming up, I'm beginning to sport camisoles and sleeveless tops, and I noticed one gaping hole in my blazer collection: a lightweight blazer made for warmer weather. I get tons of wear out of my blue boy's blazer, but the shrunken shape doesn't always work and let's face it, sometimes you need a piece that looks more grown-up.

My search for the blazer--like most things--started at the thrift store. I've tried on countless blazers and most were either too heavy, without the drape I was after or had regrettable details like linebacker-sized shoulder pads, hideous buttons or ill-placed pockets. Sadly, I just can't rock a vintage blazer that well (see Karla's Closet blogger Karla for someone who rocks the vintage-shaped blazer like no other: exhibits A, B and C.) So I turned to the Internet to find something in a modern shape and crossed my fingers for something affordable.

J. Crew continues to be a brilliant stop for these types of wardrobe staples, and the sale section can be a real treasure trove, depending on what you're looking for, and I found what I was after. The silk Zoey blazer in black had all the things I was looking for: a lightweight fabric, a relaxed shape with some summery drape and functional cuff buttons,which will allow me to roll up the sleeve to the elbow. All this for only $49 (marked down from $145.) My favorite detail: the jacket is unlined, so the outer silk layer flows without interruption. I can't wait to start playing with my new essential piece.

Tell me, what's one of your must-have basics?

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Say NO: The Bad French Manicure

As the owner of Trocadero, I try to guide both my customers and my interns who are trying to pursue careers in fashion the proper tools to feel and look stylish. I practice what I preach by offering well designed accessories and shoes and explaining the benefits of spending wisely on shoes and bags as they so often become investment pieces that last for many years.

But it doesn't just end there. I really try to also offer advice in other areas so that each person is putting their best foot forward. One thing that I feel is necessary to preach is that thick, super-white tipped, squared off French Manicures are never stylish, classy or sophisticated. You'll never see a top fashion editor or publicist with these ultra-fake looking, thick nails. It just isn't a flattering look. Trust me.

If you must do a French Manicure, there are ways for it to look polished and attractive: it's on a slightly oval shaped nail, with a more natural white tip. Unfortunately most nail salons across America don't practice this more appealing look of the French Manicure and why so many girls and women are subject to the hideous square-tipped and glaring white-tipped version.

So next time you're at the nail salon, just say no to the unnatural French Manicure. Even better? Give up the acrylics and tips and go au naturel. Short nails in bright spring colors look smart and sophisticated. And it's a far better look when you're interviewing for that coveted fashion assistant position.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coachella Ella Ella Ella, Ay Ay Ay.

Just last weekend, I found myself wandering around the Palm Desert in need of a pair of Coachella tickets. Listening to the radio DJs talk about people being mugged for tickets, my sister, Chloe, and I were a little hesitant to meet with someone off of Craigslist or eBay. However, as a last resort, that's what we had to do. To our luck, a lovely mom named Teresa came to our rescue with two Coachella tickets she'd picked up for her kids who already had them. With that hurdle out of the way... my next one was something a little easier to handle: finding an outfit to wear in 95 degree weather at an outdoor festival with 75,000 people in attendance. I wanted something other than a bathing suit - the usual choice for female concert-goers - stylish, and comfortable. While hunting through my stuffed-to-the-brim suitcase, I came upon my DV by Dolce Vita Moon Sandals, one of my favorite purchases from the Troc. (Sadly, we no longer carry the Moons - but we do still have other Dolce Vita's left.) Little did I know, these shoes would become the basis of my outfit every single day of the festival.

Day 1: The first, and hottest, day of the festival. Temperature hit 102 degrees and I knew I had to wear something that would let my body breathe when I was packed like a sardine in the tents. I first decided on a skirt my mom recently purchased me at Diesel. It's high waisted with ultra-light layers of cotton that showed off my legs and kept me cool at the same time. Then came the shirt, which I knew had to be something lightweight and something that would go with my skirt. I paired a jersey graphic tunic from Forever 21 with the skirt, but kept it tucked in to emphasize my waist (a trend for Summer and Fall this year). To add the final feminine/bohemian touch to my outfit, I put on my DV sandals and headed out for a night of movin' and groovin' to bands like LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear, and Vampire Weekend - all of whom put on stellar shows.

Day 2: This day was a little easier to tackle, being that my body was now used to the constant heat and I knew what to expect from the masses of people cramming the Coachella valley waiting to see their favorite bands. I now knew that the breezy nights got a little chilly and I planned on staying until the last set was finished, so I opted for something a little warmer to keep me content after dark. On my recent excursion to Forever 21, where I picked up the tunic I wore the day before, I also got a black jersey maxi dress with braided straps. I put it on and wondered what I could accessorize with to stand out at the nighttime shows. I chose, yet again, my DV Moon sandals and threw on a multi-chain gold necklace to pull it all together. To my pleasure, my outfit worked out well while I stood to watch some of my favorite bands - Portugal. The Man, Girls, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and MGMT.

Day 3: The last day of the festival came and went in no time. My sister, her friends and I were tuckered out from the days spent standing at the shows, in line at the food tents, and at parking in search of our rental car. Needless to say, we decided to head to the ending night a little later on in the day. Though... the time difference didn't make much difference and the heat was still hitting the valley. I was especially worn out and didn't want to deal with dresses and such, so I chose a simple pair of high-waisted black denim jean shorts to wear with a backless cotton feathered tee and - you guessed it - my DV sandals. I threw on a vintage cuff I remembered to bring and that was that. The outfit treated me well throughout the night and was comfortable enough to watch Phoenix, Pavement, and Gorillaz in.

As for my fashion hurdle? Mission accomplished.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smart Shopping

With tax day just a few weeks behind us, I've been investigating areas of my wardrobe where I spend the most money. This past year I've made a few investment purchases as well as a few impulse buys....

That killer dress I spent a small fortune on? Wore it once. Or maybe twice. And the print is so magnificent/distinctive that I need to retire it for quite some time.

Likewise, those lovely, knee-high leather boots with an even steeper price tag than the toothpick 4 inch + heels they totter upon? I have only worn them a handful of times that insufficiently justify the hole in my wallet.

Its funny how most people (myself included) tend to spend more on items they wear only a few times and scrounge on items used everyday. As Alice has mentioned in previous blogs, when purchasing an item you should consider the "cost per wear". For example, if I purchase a handbag for $500, and I use that handbag for 1 year, the cost per wear is only $1.37 per day. (I think my weekly latte allowance exceeds this price...) Similarly, if I spend $300 on a dress that I only wear once, my cost per wear is... $300. Or if I spend $200 on a pair of jeans I wear once a week, my cost per wear is still only $3.84.

Taking this into consideration, I plan on investing my money into items I use everday, such as handbags, shoes, coats, basic jewelry - and I plan on investing in pieces that I love wearing.
The Bea handbag by MZ Wallace is a great investment piece. It has 6 interior pockets, is water and stain proof, and is 100% coated nylon to withstand harsh weather. And the pleats add a feminine touch without detracting from its everyday usability

The Helen Ficalora intial pendants in silvers are versatile and can be worn everyday. They can easily be paired with jeans and a tshirt or a dress and heels.

Bond no. 9 fragrances are great investment pieces. They are costlier than most other perfumes but they have a higher concentration of perfume oils - one spray lasts plenty long! Coney Island, pictured above, has notes of margarita, melon, guava, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, musk, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood - making it the perfect scent for the long days of summer.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alex's Must Have: TDM Bamboo Scarf!

A Trocadero staple, TDM Scarves are definitely a seasonal favorite. I was so excited for this shipment because I love to layer clothing and add a scarf on for an extra pop of color or texture. I know with the warm weather approaching, adding a scarf sounds like a sweaty mess, but these scarves are created from 100% organic Bamboo fiber (we also have a scarf in cotton) and are a breathable weight. They are in rich colors and organic patterns that will go with nearly any outfit, and will definitely add that "extra something."

Not only are these scarves super fun, they are economically and environmentally conscious. The scarves are hand made/dyed by Women in Nepal from natural materials, eco-friendly and azo-free dyes. A portion of the TDM profits go to help support health care and education for the women and children of Nepal. Not only will you be loving the look your scarf adds to your summer wardrobe, you will be helping out women and children in need! Bamboo Scarves available in Sea Green, and Bright Orange ($95) Cotton Scarf available in Patriot Blue ($55).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sarah's Spring Must Haves: Breton Stripe Shirt

Between working, writing, training for a half-marathon (my second!) and enjoying the sudden burst of sun and flowering trees outside my window, I've been a bit too busy to seriously consider what I need for my spring wardrobe.

Last week, I sold many items in a consignment sale, and after weeding out the things I wasn't wearing, things became a bit less daunting, at least in terms of my closet. I also did the seasonal swap: I put all the boots and winter shoes into storage and brought out my sandals, slides and wedges. I pushed all the wool blazers to the back in favor of cooler fabrics and silky tanks, and the sweater dresses got exchanged for breezy sundresses and cotton shirt dresses.

I'll spend the next four weeks exploring my must-have items for the season, leading up to a trip to New York slated for May 19 when I plan to make a big purchase (which I'll reveal during the getaway!)

First up: a must-have that I have yet to purchase: the classic Breton stripe top. I have a much worn, well loved navy and white tee shirt that I found years ago at a thrift store, and I have a second red and white striped breton-esque top that's a more recent find. Both will be in heavy rotation this spring.

I've yet to discover the perfect version of this classic French fishing top: I want it loose but not baggy, long but not a tunic with the perfect boat neck and three-quarter sleeve. Oh, and I need it to cost less than the $200 versions I've found on Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. The thrift store adventures continue.

Meanwhile, Breton tops are popping up left and right this spring. Who What Wear Daily recently did a post devoted to the look (see some takes on it at left and check out the original post here) and the style is showing up everywhere on models, celebrities and fashion bloggers. It's definitely one of my spring must-have items.

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Spring Fever!

It's definitely finally springtime in Omaha. Yesterday as I watched a bunch of adorable 6 year olds playing baseball (very spring, indeed!), I could smell fresh lilac in the air mixed with some other scent I couldn't put my finger on. All I know is that it smelled gorgeous, fresh, clean, flowery and...well, like how Spring should smell!

Makes me really excited for another burst of springtime to roll into the the form of Bond No. 9's latest creation: High Line. It's named after NYC's newest neighborhood in the meatpacking district (somehow, I think Meat Packing didn't seem like a good choice for a fragrance name, don't you think?). I love the gorgeous bottle with the clear glass, grass leaves and tulips. Thankfully the scent is delicious to smell as the bottle is beautiful. It's a "floral-marine" due to the elevated park's natural surroundings and flowers planted combined with the proximity to the Hudson River. There are notes of purple love grass, red leaf rose, bergamot, tulips, hyacinth and bur oak with some musk and sea moss to ground out the floral. It's a heady mixture of yummy goodness on your skin. The Troc will be getting delivery on High Line in time for Mother's Day...the perfect springtime way to tell her you love and appreciate her, no?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alice's Best Beauty Buys, #14-#16

Best Eyelash Curler: Shiseido
I don't care what the magazines say, I just don't care for my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Don't get me wrong; I absolutely adore the line Shu Uemura (and am sad that it is ceasing its U.S. operations...) but the eyelash curler has always pinched me and doesn't curl my straight Asian lashes as well as, well...another Japanese company's eyelash curler. To me, my Shiseido eyelash curler is the best one out there. It's comfortable, never tugs my eyelid and gives me perfect curl every time. I've had mine for over a decade and it's still going strong.

Best All-Over Shimmer Eyeshadow: Scarlett Cosmetics Glamo-Glitz in White Gold
It looks white in the pot but when it goes on, there are little flecks of gold that highlight the eyes like no other eyeshadow I have ever used. I love it! It's really good. And the white blends so well to give enough of a highlight shimmer but not look ghostly whatsoever. I sell it at the Troc and if I could I would give every customer a pot of this to keep in their purse for emergency pick-me-ups. A little shimmer goes a long way but what a way to go!

Best Natural Everyday Brush Blush: Nars Orgasm
Okay, so now I sound like every other magazine editor, but really, this color is just the perfect flush color to use on your cheeks. It's not too pink, orange or unnatural. It's just a nice, well, orgasmic tone to look as if you' a nice, brisk walk to the mailbox and back to the house. Francois really nailed it when creating both the name and the color for his best-selling blush. Then again, there is hardly anything that I don't like in his line of amazing cosmetics. If you want to pick a line, this is one you can't go wrong with for eyes, lips, foundation and of course blush!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ruffle into Spring

The other day, I couldn't help but notice Cygne's gray ruffle sweater. I loved the lightweight cashmere look, the soft gray, the pretty ruffle yolk and I really loved the "belled" sleeve-cuff. She admitted she stole it out of her Mom's closet; it goes to show how a simple item like this sweater can really span ages. The sweater happens to be from Ann Taylor, a place known more for its work looks for a more mature customer. Let's just say when I was an editor, it was pretty rare for any of us to wear clothing from Ann Taylor, Talbots and the like. But as I believe I have mentioned before, Ann Taylor has really put out some really good looking items as of late and I'm definitely going to have to check out what's new for Spring.

Speaking of Spring...where did it go? The warmer weather came and disappeared in Omaha this past week. April is always a bit fickle but I can't really complain as I know we're heading into summer, slowly...but surely. And that means it's finally time to start thinking about Spring Wardrobe Updaters. All month long, we'll be offering our ideas of what to incorporate into your spring and summer wardrobe from head-to-toe. The first tip comes courtesy of intern Jamie. With the transition from colder
temps to warmer ones, it's the perfect time to step out in the peep-toe bootie. We really love this one at the Troc from LAMB...and it's on sale! This bootie also incorporates another one of Jamie's Spring Trends: Cutouts. Seen all over the runways from Balmain to Marc Jacobs, cutouts didn't leave much to the imagination. So if you're a little shy about baring your soul (and shoulders and stomach), try the cut out peep toe bootie. You'll be knocking off two trends in one item...