Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Raining Umbrellas...and Boots

I was just recently in Las Vegas shopping for shoes for Spring 2010 for Trocadero. Needless to say, it's rather difficult to look at styles to buy for 6-7 months from now when Fall 2009 shoes haven't really even hit the sales floor yet. Yes, while the big cities already have winter coats, fall thigh high boots and fur trimmed jackets in the windows of their major department stores, it's like Omaha hasn't really had its summer yet in many ways. The weather has been rather mild, albeit we've had some hot and humid ones as of late. But all in all, this has been a summer that has been marked with unmemorable dramatic weather patterns.

While I was in Vegas I walked through the Palazzo Hotel, the beautiful newish tower adjacent to the Venetian. In the shopping area of the Palazzo, outside of the Barneys New York is this amazing decorative spectacle of colorful umbrellas against a backdrop of a waterfall. I'm not often taken aback by these visions; I usually walk on by and go about my business. But this time I was truly struck by the beauty of these open umbrellas. I stood there like a Japanese tourist (in fact, there was one right in front of me taking photographs as well!), whipping out my point and shoot and taking a couple of shots to keep the memory alive.

With Fall right around the corner, Marie took some time before she left for London (speaking of rain!) to create a Polyvore paying homage to the Trench Coat called FRENCH & TRENCH. I love the images she picked: from the memorable Audrey Hepburn in her trench coat to stylish icon, Kate Moss, in hers alongside chic accessories (all available at Trocadero of course!) that are perfect for foul-weather. This layout reminds me of the great rain boots we have coming in from See by Chloe. In two-tone gray with taupe as well as taupe with lavender, these are the rain boots you want to own and wear. Just because it's raining and dreary outside does not mean one should trade style for comfort. In a torrential rain storm or just a simple light thunder shower, we'd find any excuse to put these cute rain boots on.

As for umbrellas, we love the ones from Kaneko. This Omaha-based sculptor has graced his modern colorful, patterns and designs on a genius one-button open and close umbrella. The handle is like a work of art and for $50, is a great way to own a piece of Kaneko at a fraction of the cost of a large-scale piece of his (well over $100,000+). The umbrella comes with a great matching tote ($295) and both items are available at Trocadero as well as at the Kaneko.

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