Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scholastic Rock n' Roll

My favorite trend of the season is STUDS. I love their rough aspect paired with soft leather and the rocker facade they provide for any outfit a studded accessory is paired. Unfortunately academia doesn't cater to the rocker in all of us when trips to the library are more important than the latest show at Slowdown. Therefore I have put together a collection of items that say rebellion while secretly hiding your Calculus textbook.

Back to School
My favorite and most affordable item is the Jonathan Wright and Company bookplates each blessed with an individual skull and crossbones and a dose of latin. I can't wait to add some rebellious flair to my boring and beat-up trapper keepers in class. I also am in love with the "Kate" bag (I swear no bias) from MZ Wallace. Originally intended for a diaper bag this brilliant tote has pockets for every pencil, pen, and protractor as well as plenty of room for that brand new environmentally safe Macbook your parents gifted you for graduation. The sleek Botkier clutch also doubles as a perfect pencil pouch or makeup bag for those school days turned late, late nights.

I'm dreading leaving the cobblestoned streets of the Old Market to return to the foothills of Appalachia for school but hopefully with some of these items in tow it will make the transition a little more glam-rock.

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