Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Season's change

Fall is--and always has been--my favorite season. Come mid-August I'm already itching to put on sweaters and boots, to snuggle in an over sized scarf and to start my yearly slew of knitting projects (a huge shawl and a cabled scarf are on my needles as we speak.) Last Sunday at Trocadero I noticed a hint of season's change in the air; the bright hues of summer are slowly being exchanged for the rich hues of fall.

Rich Hues

Touches of navy--in M.Z. Wallace and L.A.M.B. handbags, in Giuseppe Zanotti pumps--caught my eye. Some fetching new pieces from Kara Ross' line in rich gold, navy and emerald stood out in the jewelry case. A set of ten aubergine-hued Rescue Beauty Lounge fingernails suddenly felt of the moment, especially when one has a matching bag in hand. New styles from Botkier fit the bill. A buttery soft flat--again from Giuseppe--with a shiny gold capped toe felt new when I thought of wearing it with thick ribbed tights and a tweedy blazer.
Here's to fall!

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