Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eco-friendly Gifts that keep on Giving

Some of the ways we waste our money on a daily basis, according to, also happen to be many of the ways that we do the most damage to the environment. Take a new direction this year and find eco-friendly gifts that will keep on giving.

1) Re-usable water bottles
Sigg water bottles are some that are certified as free of harmful chemicals, BPA and VOC free and come in a multitude of colors and patterns that can suit anybody's style.
2) Coffee to go
Let's face it, most of us like to drag our coffee to work with us as we are dragging ourselves. These are some great reusable coffee mugs that you can keep handy at home and leave one at work too! Keep cup has a range of sizes including an espresso size.
Cat print mug $18, Keep Cup $10-15, NYC Greek Mug, available at Trocadero $13
3) Driving cars
It's no secret owning a car is a definite money sucker and a lot of times a necessity but do we need to drive two blocks to the grocery store when we forgot milk? A quick trip down the street on a bike is a great way to incorporate more exercise, refresh your mind and save money. Just add a basket!

4) Low-quality product
My friend quotes "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap shoes". We think we can get more for less but what is the real cost to us? When that cheap appliance breaks that you have to replace once a year, that pair of shoes that lasts for 3 months before falling apart. Not only does more go into the landfill but the amount of money we spend replacing cheap items that fall apart on us is shockingly more that the really nice item we actually wanted. Try a cute piggy bank for kids so they can decide where their money goes.

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