Friday, November 4, 2011

Gifts That Give Back

One of the hugest perks about being a fashion editor in New York was all the presents we used to get! Not only during Christmas but also just throughout the year. A most favorite annual gift were the hand painted and embroidered pillows from Manolo Blahnik. I love that they're very limited edition and dated for each holiday year. It looks like I received 6 in total (there is one not pictured that has a green background and is sitting on a chair) and I cherish each one. As you may be able to see, the one of the far right has American flags on it; this one was 2001, the first Christmas after 9/11. On the side of the pillow is written: U.S.A. We Love You.

I love how the small square pillow looks like Annabel is wearing her first pair of Manolo Blahniks! Perhaps I should try to shoot that photo again with the pillow sitting lower towards her feet!

Creating a wonderful backdrop to the pillows on the back of our couch is a wonderful Sari Bari blanket that was a gift from our dear friends C+P. What is Sari Bari? It's an amazing charitable organization that restores the lives of women and children who have been rescued from the sex trade in India. Each blanket is handmade from vintage saris by these women and children so that they can lead a life off the streets and have a safe, place of employment.

Who knew that the Manolo Blahnik's Christmas pillows would set the stage for this Sari Bari blanket and inspire some holiday gift giving? As I snapped away at Annabel, I realized that the perfect Christmas gifts would be anything from the Sari Bari site! They have all sorts of items from jewelry rolls to baby changing mats, handbags to scarves and of course these great throws. So as you start your holiday gift giving list, think about those gifts that give back. Happy Shopping!

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