Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fashion Books to Give and to Receive

The other day my copy of my former colleague at In Style Hal Rubenstein's book 100 Unforgettable Dresses arrived on my doorstep. I loved that the title really tells it all...that they're unforgettable and not-so-much the subjective "best of" dresses. Flipping through the book, there was dress after dress that were absolutely the ones that you'd be hard pressed not to remember.

I like that it was a mixture of red carpet dresses as well as ones from films, runways and daily life. Mixed with the storytelling that is uniquely Hal at his best, this is definitely a great coffee table book to give and to get. We don't have it at the Troc quite yet so you'll just have to order it from like I did.

One dress that was not included was the Shalom Harlow modeled Alexander McQueen one from his Spring/Summer 1999 collection. Hal included the very memorable Kate Moss hologram dress (one that I saw live at his Fall/Winter 2006 show). This was truly mesmerizing and gives me chills watching it again.

There are some obvious dresses in the book and some surprising ones. Can you guess some of the dresses that made the cut?

If you're looking for another book that is great for that fashionista in your life, Sasha Charnin Morrison from US Weekly's (and prior to that at Allure and Harper's Bazaar) book Secrets of Stylists is a fun "guide" of the fashion industry with lots of stories and advice from insiders. I highly recommend it and it's available at the Troc. Just give us a ring (402-934-8389) or shoot us an email and we can put a copy on hold for you!

source 100 Unforgettable Dresses book cover
source McQueen-Shalom Harlow
source McQueen-Kate Moss
source Secrets of Stylists book cover

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