Friday, November 18, 2011

To eat that or not? That is the question.

I can be one of two things:

1. Health freak

2. Junk food freak

It usually goes in spurts, you know, where you all of a sudden one day up and decide to rid your body of anything greasy, sweet or savory. I can manage for a short period of extremely short period that is. I'm 21 so I usually go out on the weekends, (if I'm not too busy cramming for an exam of course) and well, the 2:00a.m. dinner bell chimes in my head saying it's time for some extreme carb loaded, greased up something or other. Who wants to eat a piece of whole grain bread to soak up alcohol? Not I.

Around spring time last year I decided to embark on an exercise mission. Not attempted alone, because let’s face it, that doesn't work either. My workout at the gym before my exercise mission consisted of a light run, a few ab workouts and some arm curls if I was lucky. Weak sauce compared what I was about to experience.

One of my good friends told me about a bootcamp she had been doing at a small gym and how it basically was kicking her ass. There's no other way to describe it. So I thought, meh, why not? I could use it.

Do you know what it feels like to not be able to straighten out your arm after lifting weights? Well, I do and it’s painful, yet so worth it.

The bootcamp lasted for six weeks, and I went three times a week. I felt so much better about myself when it ended, it was almost a tad bit addicting. Right before summer hit was when the first session ended, and I took about seven weeks off from working out. I turned legal if that tells you anything.

So, right before this school year started I decided to drag myself back. I needed to kick it into high gear, seeing as how summer took a toll on my eating habits and beer gut. Eight weeks of bootcamp, five days a week. Riiiiight.

I'm writing this in my sweaty sports bra actually because I took a break from writing and went to one of the classes. Kickboxing was on tonight’s menu! This is, believe it or not, my third round of doing the bootcamp, and I still hover over my knees and pant like it’s my first time. The feeling of being pushed to your limit and feeling like you honestly can’t bear another second, but somehow manage to throw one more punch, or do one more squat is the best feeling. I promise you. Just don’t ask me how I manage to get up the next day and do it again.

I’ll be completely honest; the biggest struggle for me isn't working out, it’s the eating portion. Basically right now, I’m working out to maintain what I have. So therefore I can have my moments of weakness and not be too worried. I question if that’s me taking the easy way out though, and since I have to ask myself, I’m assuming that’s my answer.

Today I was on iVillage and found an article about why even the “lose 1-lb a week” diets don’t work. The hilarious thing is I just recently downloaded an app where you can choose how much you want to lose by counting calories, and I chose 1-lb a week. I literally logged what I ate for 1.5 days. Epic fail. IT’S THE DAMN WEEKEND I’M TELLIN’ YOU! On a side note, the app is MyFitnessPal and if you have self control I highly recommend it.

Click on the picture below!

The very last paragraph is what spoke to me the most. I’m almost thinking about printing it off and taping it to my mirror.

I figured out there really is no need to obsess with weight loss and food. I’ve discovered from experience that by depriving myself of want I really wanted, only made me go out of control on the weekends. Which obviously isn’t rocket science, but sometimes you need to be reminded.

I do however; highly recommend the gym I attend. Scape is more of an intimate setting, vs. most gyms you see these days are jam packed with people. You have the option of one on one personal training sessions, or participating in the bootcamp. Even though the bootcamp is done in groups, the number is small and you still get personal help.

The phrase “group workout,” usually doesn’t appeal to people, but truth be told…nobody is looking at you. Unless they’re checking you out. Otherwise, they really aren’t concerned with how much you’re panting or how little you’re lifting.

The last thing I want is for this to sound like an advertisement, but you will feel better about yourself.

Also on ivillage, I stumbled upon an article reviewing the movie American the Beautiful and America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments. Focusing on the always wanted, never attainable skinny model waistline, and why the average, beautiful woman should be looked at as exactly that. Beautiful. I have yet to see either flick, but I have my Hulu up and ready with part one.

Click on the picture below!

Stay posted for my review! If you’ve seen part one, I want your guys’ thoughts and opinions for the next post.

For now, let me hear some tips on how you stay healthy. Share anything! We can all benefit from each other.

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