Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can't Live Without: Catherine Malandrino for Repetto ballet flat

Do you have something in your closet that is your absolute "go-to" item? You know, something that is comfortable, suitable for any occasion, a cinch to throw on and go out the door. Have you parted with something else in your closet that just was worn down, ripped, permanently stained or doesn't fit anymore?

I've noticed that in a closet full of clothes and shoes, I have my favorites that I truly cannot live without them. Ok, yes, I could live without them but let's face it, I really would be pretty bummed if I didn't have them.

The other day when I was slipping on my shoes, I thought: "Seriously, these are the most comfortable shoes I own. I don't know what I would do without them!"

This inspired me to start an ongoing series called: "Can't Live Without" and it will highlight certain items in my wardrobe that have proven to be indispensable (and sadly, many are irreplaceable). 

My first Can't Live Without items are my limited edition Catherine Malandrino designed Repetto bolshoi ballet flat. I cannot tell you how many pairs of shoes landed in my offices at In Style. Because I was a sample size 6.5/7 (37), there was never a shortage of shoes, boots, slippers, sneakers and the like. Often times designers would even send me the "never produced" samples -- these were the prototype designs that were shown to buyers and never got enough orders so they were never made. Yes, I own multiple "one of a kind" shoes but these were put into production (from what I remember). These ballet flats were designed by Catherine Malandrino and had this wonderful distressed star pattern in white on gray (I wrote lovingly about them in a past Troc Talk series called Two For The Road). I love the square toed Repetto "bolshoi" style instead of the more traditional pointed versions. This pair of shoes are so worn in that I really don't know what I'm going to do when they finally "die." I'll be sure to take them to Sam DiMauro at Andy's Shoe Repair (he's the genius shoemaker in Omaha that we've written about that works miracles on all shoes) and see if he can work his magic. Otherwise, I will have to settle for regular Repetto bolshoi ballet flats (but even here, they're sold out and not available in my size!).

So you might ask why I don't stock Repetto ballet flats at the Troc? I wrote up an order a couple years ago but realized that it's a price point that doesn't work well here in Omaha. Believe me, of all the 200+ shoes in my closet, these Repetto ballet flats are the ones I wear the most of all. I would gladly pay retail to purchase another pair when these beloved beauties finally bite the dust. But hopefully, as mentioned before, our guy Sam can do his thing and get me another few years!


Jennifer said...

Yeah, I have to agree that the price point of Repetto is probably wrong for Omaha. I have so many friends who say they cannot bring themselves to buy expensive flats. I am just the opposite - I splurge on things I wear all the time and try to save on the special-occasion items (unless it's something I cannot live without). Love the design of these - though in Repetto I tend to prefer the rounded toe.

jamie bell said...

i have gone through so many cheap black flats that honestly, it just makes sense for me to invest in a pair of basic repettos. thanks for the reminder!