Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Minute Gifts for the Girls

I'm pretty sure you all can agree with me when I say that the holidays are the busiest time of year for everyone. From watching Alice rush to get all her Christmas presents wrapped and in the mail to studying until the wee hours of the morning for my Physics final, Christmas seems to be a very chaotic time. Caught up in all the rush, someone on your gift list is bound to get left out. Whether it be your girlfriend from high school or the hostess of your party, sometimes you just forget. Fear not, though. Alex and I have carefully devised a list of those last minute "I-can't-believe-I-forgot" gifts. So to start us off, number...

5. Archipelago Hand Creme - A store and staff favorite, this hand creme is loved all around Omaha. It's silky texture and subtle scent leaves your hands feeling and smelling fantastic.
4. Recchiuti Fleur de Sel Caramels - If you're going to give any edible gift this year, these caramels are definitely the way to go. Covered in bittersweet chocolate and flecked with sea salt, this sweet treat is sure to please any palate.
3. Attic Journals - I'm sure we've mentioned these on the blog before, but that doesn't mean we can't keep talking. Our new shipment of journals just arrived a week ago and we can't get over how unique our selection is.
2. Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish - To keep in the Christmas spirit, the red and green colors in our collection go perfectly together. The colors go by the names of Chinoise and Orbis Non Sufficit and are adorable used together or separate. (And for all our Hannukah celebrators out there, we've got a blue polish too.)
1. Mary Green Sleeping Masks - These are a new addition to the store for the holidays and are absolutely perfect for any girl in your life. Available in silver or black, these silky smooth covers will give you a good night's rest.

So, in case you're reading this and have realized you left that special someone out - come down and pay us a visit. We'll help you find the perfect last-minute gift.... and maybe even something for yourself!

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