Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two for the Road: 12/5/09

Date: 12/5/09
Bag: Ruehl tan leather tote
Shoe: Bruno Frisoni gray patent bootie
Worn with: Gray v-neck t-shirt, American Apparel charcoal gray cotton cardigan, Union Bay camouflage cargo ruched bottom pants
Do not adjust your screen. Yes, I appear to be wearing pants. It's a very rare moment when I am sporting anything resembling trousers. Okay, maybe at night I slip into some drawstring sweatshirt material pants or some shorts but other than that, this is one girl who does not spend her money on designer jeans. I bought these camo pants at Kohl's; I don't know, there was something about them that I liked (I think the ruched bottom). I can only wear them with a long cardigan of some sort to cover my butt so I chose my trusty AA one. The shirt is by a designer I don't recall and I think I got it at Talulah G in Vegas. It has a great deep v-neck and I always get compliments when I wear it. The bag was a freebie from the Ruehl folks (a now-defunct upscale division of Abercrombie & Fitch). I love his tote because it's a great neutral color, really worn in leather and very roomy in size to fit almost anything. I'm glad I never gave this away because I have grown to rely on it for so many occasions. Great road trip bag to tote around stuff in the car like snacks, camera stuff, toiletry kit, books, maps, etc. The shoes are my first repeat! These are my beloved Brunos in gray patent leather. Killer heels, killer look. Hardly ever wore them in NYC but a new fave here in Omaha.

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