Monday, October 3, 2011

Studly Sam

Over the weekend I took a stroll through the shoe department and a pair of sassy studded heels caught my eye. I immediately made a B-line for them and stood for a few seconds imagining how they would look upon my feet.

It was love at first sight, so I decided to try them on JUST for looks, since Sam Edelman isn't exactly in my budget at this point in time. Heartbreaking if I do say so myself. Needless to say, the fuchsia color studded heel was right up my alley, I didn't want to take them off. "Just call up your mother, tell her to combine Christmas, birthday and groundhogs day all in one," said the dark haired mustache salesman. Funny thing is, I had literally just got off the phone with my Grandpa saying I found a pair of sunglasses as an early Christmas present. If you're curious, this tactic of mine is still a work in progress. I sadly slipped the precious pups back into the box and handed them back to the just as sad salesman and walked away. A proud moment in my life where I didn't give into temptation!
Since then, I have have done my research and found other shoes, still with the stud factor, but minus the WOW cost.

Here are my top two picks, and I even found a little spunky flat!

For those of you who read the Dear Sun Worshipers post, stay tuned to see how my spray tan experience went and where to get a little glow without the damage!

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