Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bravo for Brian!

What can I say except that I am so proud of my friend, shoe designer extraordinaire, Brian Atwood! It seems like he's finally gotten all the recognition that has been deserved for some time now. I've known Brian since the late 90s and was one of the first editors to really support his line. It's amazing the (good) power that fashion editors hold in the world of commercial and critical success for designers. I love that good things are happening for so many that I knew "way back when" just when they were starting out or on the brink of "making it."

When I first opened the Troc, I stocked Brian Atwood shoes. Boy, were they lovely! Unfortunately, many Omahans did not know the brand and even worse, they definitely didn't want to pay the price for a designer they never heard of. Yeah, I could have stocked "household" brands (known because of a little show called Sex and the City) like Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, but my store was all about stocking the hidden gems, the brands that are editor favorites that might not be on the beaten path quite yet. Some brands at the Troc have done wonderfully, others haven't fared so well.

In my fantasy world I would be thrilled to restock Brian Atwood. Unfortunately, as a retailer I need to know my "retail climate" and have realized that these red carpet beauties with the red carpet price tag just won't sell enough in conservative-minded Omaha.

But if I could foresee an uptick in the economy, I would definitely consider stocking Brian Atwood's new "B Brian Atwood" diffusion line, right now available on saks.com. I'm especially crazy about the Paramour ankle boot in two textures of burgundy with a stacked heel and exposed zipper. But for $450, I still don't know if my customer is willing to spend that type of money (I, of course, think it's totally worth it. I'm a huge believer in spending money for investment pieces/wardrobe staples.) This boot is timeless perfection.

What do you think, Omaha? Would you be willing to shop in town instead of online if we brought some amazing designer brands back in stock?

source: Everyone is Wearing Brian Atwood and Celeb Photos
source: B Brian Atwood at saks.com

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jamie bell said...

i agree with your boot choice! yummmmmmmmmm. those are unbelievable.