Friday, October 28, 2011

Changing Colors

One of my favorite parts of Autumn is the changing colors of the leaves, but I much prefer the changing shades of hair color this time of year. Fall is the time to update your look. Whether it be the simmering crimson route or that of sultry chocolate, the season offers endless possibilities. I spoke with my friend Sarah Pithan, National Educator with Primary Syn, about her thoughts on the season's hottest color trends.

"Fall always reminds me of spices. Nutmeg, curry, cinnamon," Pithan said. "Fall hair colors should be spicy and rich, warm and solid."

For a bold look, try a fiery paprika red like Christina Hendricks (above) or if you're not quite ready for that big of a jump, try a subtler cinnamon shade like Drew Barrymore (left) instead.

As the weather cools into winter hair tones tend to as well, Pithan added. "You'll still have daring bright golden blondes and fiery redheads in the bunch," she said. "It's about sticking out in the winter and having fun in the yuck of the gloom."

Color blocking (whole sections of hair breaking up allover looks) is also very hot, Pithan said. "There will be lots of mixing cool and warm tones next to each other for contrast and movement."

Pithan recommends color blocking with triangular sections where you want to attract attention or add movement. Above one ear, on one side of the nape, a whole side with just a veil of the allover color everywhere else. "It can be darker, lighter, just a different tone or a fun, funky color. It can just peek out from one side or when parted different can add a huge section that screams fun!" Pithan said.

Photos courtesy of American Salon and People Magazine.

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