Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fashionable Halloween Costumes That Aren't Overtly Sexy, For a Change

Every Halloween, I sigh at the idea of store-bought costumes for women. Mass-produced disguises seem to sex up even the most bland of themes, from slutty eskimos to skanky bumblebees. Rather than participate in a parade of inappropriateness (and deal with any feelings of self-conciousness!), I prefer using Halloween as an opportunity to channel fashion icons and moments in history in a more literal sense - I've sewn a homemade Bjork swan dress and sported the head-to-toe Breakfast at Tiffany's ensemble in years past.

This year I'll be participating in a group costume, but it hasn't stopped me from brainstorming on some individual ideas that may come in handy for last moment parties!

fashion halloween costumes

(from left to right)

Jackie Kennedy: There just aren't enough occasions that allow you to sport a pillbox hat. Classy, fashionable, and super-comfortable...this costume idea, like Jackie's style, is timeless. Complete with the right wig and you'll be ready for anything!

Joan Jett: I'm not very "rock n' roll" by nature, so I love the idea of pulling on a pair of leather pants and channeling a totally different person for the evening. Choppy, dark hair and thick black eyeliner are not optional! 

Carrie Bradshaw: If I wasn't going in a group of seven girls, I would jump on the opportunity to be the starring character of Sex and the City. The outfit ideas are endless, but if you purchase the Carrie necklace online and sport her signature frizzy blonde curls, it'd be easy to peg you as this fashion icon. 

fashionable halloween costumes pt 2

(from left to right)

Annie Hall: Probably the easiest costume to assemble - make sure you have the spectacles, as well!

Cruella de Vil: I love the idea of modernizing this iconic character just a bit. Of course you'd need to purchase the dual-colored black and white wig online (or find some sort of creative hair solution), but accompany this costume with a vicious laugh and you're sure to have a good time. 

Twiggy: This one is, of course, all about the eyes and long, bare legs. A little blonde wig would complete the look perfectly. And again - comfortable, fashionable and doesn't command the wrong kind of attention on Halloween night! 

What will you be wearing for Halloween? 

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