Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/19/09

Date: 9/19/09
Bag: Pollini gunmetal metallic leather shoulder bag
Shoe: Catherine Maladrino for Repetto Paris
Worn with: CK Calvin Klein mint green silk tank, American Apparel long charcoal cotton cardigan, American Apparel iridescent metallic black skirt
I received the bag from Pollini one season. At first it didn't really impress me and I thought I would most likely give it away. But then I realized when I looked inside, I couldn't. Inside was a brass placard with my engraved name. Sure, I could have just simply removed the luggage-like metal tag and sent it off to my friend's consignment shop, Tokyo Joe or any other consignment store. I decided against it and turns out it has become one of my favorites for its simplicity. It's a bag that needs to be on a shoulder to fully understand its awesomeness. Basically a slouchy style hobo in a neutral metallic, it goes with almost everything. Plus it can become completely flat and is really lightweight so it's a great one to pack in a suitcase for travel. The shoes were an editor gift as well; they arrived in my office one day just like many before and after it. They were Repetto ballets but customized by Catherine Malandrino in gray leather with white stars. I love Repetto ballerinas...they have that perfect squared off toe and are super comfortable. And with the slightly rocker/graffiti-esque star pattern, they can give an edge to an otherwise conservative outfit. I am after all wearing a daddy-like cardigan, which by the way, is my most recent purchase from American Apparel. The perfect cardigan, I bought it in three colors: charcoal, navy and black. It will be the new staple in my wardrobe this season. Believe me, when I find something I like, I'll get it in many colors and wear it over and over again!

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Seeing the world in a grain of sand... said...

Love the whole look! Fabulous ballerinas!