Monday, March 30, 2009

Anne Black for Your Spring Flowers

There's an on-going feature in Trocadero Tidbits, our e-newsletter, called "45 Tips to Gear up for Spring." Last week we suggested you buy yourself some flowers to welcome the arrival of Spring. But now that you've purchased yourself some beautifully colorful flowers, like Anemones, Crocuses and Irises, where should you store them? Trocadero has the perfect solution: vases by Anne Black Ceramics. Handmade in Copenhagen, these small and simple Scandanavian-designed vases are fantastic vessels to display individual flowers. The purple and red designs available at the store were silkcreen printed and applied by hand. Perfect for everyday use, I think they look terrific when bunched together. Consider creating a lovely tableau on your dining room table with 3 Anne Black vases each with 3 flowers. Make sure you trim the stems even shorter than in the above photo so that the flowers sit just above the vase opening.

Hello, Spring!

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