Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trocadero pick: modern monograms

I love monograms. Whether it be a monogrammed cardigan (I got my first one in eighth grade), monogrammed luggage or, in this case, monogrammed jewelry, I covet it all. Trocadero has a lovely selection of high-end monogrammed jewelry, but the sort of modern, wearable looks that will last a lifetime instead of just a season.

Trocadero pick: the modern monogram

Trocadero stocks Ginette_NY's now classic monogram styles in both the subtle engraved disc version and the more dramatic lace monogram, which is my personal favorite. Alice loves Helen Ficalora pieces - as do many of the other girls in the store - and the monogrammed initial discs look modern next to the other pieces Alice chose to carry, including horseshoes, paw prints, zodiac charms and puffy hearts. These charms, which come with or without diamonds - are simply made for stacking and wearing every single day.

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