Sunday, March 22, 2009

Role Play Rene

This past Thursday was the party celebrating my friend, the shoe designer Brian Atwood's new book called Role Play Rene, featuring model-turned-actress Rene Russo in provocative poses with Jon Kortajarena shot by Tony Duran. While my RSVP to the event was an unfortunate "No," (I had to stay in Omaha to sell Brian Atwood shoes!), it didn't mean I wasn't anxious to see what the book was all about. I had received a rather large size poster of Rene a while back previewing what was to be revealed. These photos are all taken from and I especially like the photo above as they are the exact style shoe that Brian first gave me back when I was an editor. Here they are: the above shoe but in turquoise.It was my first pair of Brian Atwood heels.

I find Brian's shoes to be incredibly sexy and feminine and I only hope that more people discover what a true talent he is.
Clearly something happened the week before at the Troc when three women purchased the same shoe and two others purchased their first pair of Brian Atwoods.

The Eta slingback in mocha suede with the oval crystal brooch is one of the most timeless, elegant styles I have ever seen. It's too bad that I sold the 37.5, 37 and 36.5 all in the span of three days to prevent me from ever owning that shoe! I absolutely adore the gray snakeskin pump because of its incredible toe cleavage and I already snagged that pair for myself when it first arrived. The Dorian in purple satin is the most show-stopping evening shoe and I know that the women who have purchased it will forever have it in their closets and it will be passed down through generations of daughters, nieces and granddaughters. It's that special!

I leave you with a couple more images of Role Play Rene...and a last look at Rene when she used to be a Vogue cover model....back in 1976 (photo courtesy of! I think she looks hotter today at age 55. What do you think?

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Helen said...

WOW!!!! Shes gorgeous!! And the shoes are beautiful!!!!!! I love his shoes!! They're sexy, timeless and incredibly comfortable!! You can wear them day and night. You can really dress his shoes up and down!