Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get your motor running

It isn't hard to crave this Botkier moto-clutch crossbody bag. Everyday at least one of us (today was Christine's turn as she models the moto-clutch above) tries it on and thinks of a million things to wear it with. Actually Sarah chose the mint green bag as one of her items in her Polyvore layouts seen here. I had her explain to me what exactly this site was and I am amazed at how many items she has found on that site that are available at the Troc.

I know I am curious to see how many more layouts Sarah will come up with. Maybe one day I will log on myself and create some new Trocadero looks for Spring/Summer.

Speaking of store models: today Kathleen happened to wear her cute colorful dress that reminded us all of our new Bond No. 9 "Brooklyn" scent display. We couldn't resist showing her in her perfectly matched dress with our display case along with the bottle. Isn't she lovely?

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