Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Omaha Steak and an Ear of go!

Let's just say we're totally addicted to Kidrobot's newest zipper pulls to arrive at Trocadero. It's not hard when you see what we're talking about. An ear of corn? A Ribeye steak wearing a fedora and pair of boots? C'mon! They're just way too adorable to resist. Today my friend came in and purchased three to add to her Harajuku Lovers bag from Trocadero. With a cute ice cream cone charmattached to her bag, the three new zipper pulls of an ear of corn, tea cup with sugar cube and a lemon with straw, just added more to the "kawaii"-ness of these irresistible treats. Every day it's a challenge to not tear open a box to see what's inside. Luckily we have wonderfully generous customers who open their boxes at the counter so we can see what they got! And of course, everyone loves our "free trade" policy. We want people to be happy with the zipper pull they get. Which also means once in a while we let ourselves open up some more boxes so that there are more to trade from. Really, we're just making it easier for our customers. Really. It's not like we enjoy opening those boxes or anything...Don't you believe us?


aaron said...

So glad you like the little fellas! Thanks for writing such a sweet and fun blog about em!
:) aaron meshon

julia's mom said...

can you please help me?? i am 10 and i lost my indian corn zipper pull named corny. i loved him. my mom says she didn't give him away when she donated my jackets to goodwill, but i can't find him anywhere in my house. i need him back. i have $10 saved for him. thank you. julia h.

Miss Cake ARt & DEsign said...

Hi Julia, I am sorry to say that those are no longer available here but there's a chance you may find them somewhere on the internet. We miss them too. Good luck to you!