Saturday, March 28, 2009

Logos and Love

It seems like the art of hand written notes and letter writing has become sadly a very infrequent part of our weekly routine. But we'd like to change that at Trocadero! And it's not hard when you see the beauty of Bernard Maisner's handcrafted signature calligraphy cards. His "tree cards" are special works of art and make beautiful gifts on their own. With simple sayings of "Best Wishes," "Love," and "Happy Birthday," these cards are perfect when celebrating special anniversaries, events and birthdays.

I first heard of Bernard when I was living in NYC and my colleague Brooke had her wedding invitations created by Mr. Maisner. They were some of the most visually stunning works of art I had ever seen. The calligraphy just blew me away; I still have my handwritten envelope (as well as the invitation itself). Who knew that five months later I would have Bernard, himself, create the logo for my new store, Trocadero. I feel lucky to have found Bernard's exquisite art; he adds another unique touch to my store that is very personal. At Trocadero, we carry his tree cards in addition to his box set of "crown" cards. During the holidays we also have a small assortment of individual greeting cards that are, again, so very unique in that Bernard Maisner sort of way. Check out his website as well and see some of his custom work. Another thing we like: we read in a great Q&A with Bernard for the AIGA that he did the original window logo of one of the best pizza joints in NYC: Una Pizza Napoletana.  And a final little bit of trivia: Bernard has also been seen on the wide screen in movies like Sleepy Hollow, as the hand of Johnny Depp when he is seen writing.

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