Friday, September 11, 2009

The September Issue

She's been rumored to be the inspiration for Meryl Streep's frosty character, Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. She's been praised for her eye for fashion and has been known for her aloof and strict persona, earning her the nickname: Nuclear Wintour. Her trademark pageboy bob haircut and large sunglasses have now become iconic . I am of course referring to the infamous fashion editor-in-chief of American Vogue: Anna Wintour.

Now, her status and the famous fashion magazine (some call it "The Bible") VOGUE, have been filmed in a new documentary covering the September 2007 issue with Sienna Miller on the cover. Appropriately titled, The September Issue, the film chronicles her work in the astounding, 840 page issue, their largest ever. The five pound issue is said to be the single, largest issue ever sent to press. Not bad for a month's work in this superficial industry of shoes and handbags. I mean, it's only a $300 billion dollar global industry. So, I guess you could say she has a little bit of pull.

Ah, VOGUE. It's name says it all. Madonna even once coined the term in her pop thumping tune back in the 90's. I have to say, I'm surprised it's taking this long for a director like R.J. Cutler to do this documentary. But it wouldn't be complete without the conductor Wintour and her orchestra team of editors. Are you ready to see the Maestro at work?

The film takes you behind the scenes, around the world and in closed meetings. It's an inside look into this exciting and ever-changing industry. The September Issue recently premiered at the Sundance Film festival to rave reviews and received an award for excellence in documentary cinematography.

The highly anticipated documentary arrived in theatres today in limited release. Click here for the trailer. And as the documentary's catchphrase says:

Fashion is a Religion. This is the Bible.

And seeing as I'm in lovely Greece, check out Greek's VOGUE homepage for their take on fashion in Greece.

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Sarah Baker said...

I saw the September Issue when I was in NY - it was fantastic! Here's hoping it comes to Omaha so I can see it again.