Monday, September 28, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/28/09

Date: 9/28/09
Bag: Louis Vuitton shoulder bag
Shoe: Sergio Rossi riding boots
Worn with: J Crew brown and cream striped tee, Moschino cashmere and wool cropped cardigan, Claudia Brown equestrian print full skirt
I don't recall the name of this LV bag; but looking at the LV site, I did notice a really similar style called...coincidentally, Trocadero 27. I have always been drawn to the name Trocadero and am so happy I was able to use that name as my boutique. I did actually purchase this Louis Vuitton shoulder bag, back at the time when LV used to give discounts! I bought this one for myself and the Alma for my Mom. The boots are from Sergio Rossi, designed by Edmundo Castillo. They are perfection. I told Edmundo that, I photographed them for the magazine and received them because I loved them so. Months later at Christmas time, my holiday gift arrived: a sketch of my favorite boots made especially for me. I have worn this outfit many times. It shows how to mix patterns with stripes and various textures. The tee I purchased at J Crew, the sweater was also from a matched set with a dress from Moschino from the Aeffe sample sale preview and the skirt, a purchase from Selima Salaun's boutique Bond Zero 7 on Bond Street.

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Seeing the world in a grain of sand... said...

Interesting - wasn't sure about the bag (not a big logo fan) until I saw it with the dress, but with it, it blends. Boots, again, are FABULOUS!