Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/23/09

Date: 9/23/09
Bag: Chanel shoulder bag and Anya Hindmarch tote
Shoe: Roger Vivier "Belle Vivier" flats
Worn with: Express black camisole, American Apparel cardigan, H&M gray bubble skirt
Today I decided to go with two bags; one for all the necessities and one for my laptop and extra gear. The Chanel wool chain strap bag was a Christmas gift one year from the PR girls. The truth is that even as an accessories director, it was not often that Chanel sent handbags at the holidays. Usually, that was reserved for the beauty directors. Often times I would get a small zip clutch, wallet or jewelry. But I remember that this was the year that they gave many editors handbags and we all were very appreciative. I mean, who didn't want a Chanel bag? The Anya tote is from her Bespoke Ebury line, a custom, made-to-order handbag meant to pass down through the generations. The cool thing is that they can inscribe the bag personally with a note or decoration from whomever is giving the bag. This one was a surprise gift from Anya given to select accessories directors. If you look closely, you can see a message in silver; this was something that was "engraved" from a message that my nephew scribbled to me (the PR girls arranged to have someone "close" to each editor to do a message; in my case, it was my sister who then had her oldest son write it). The message says: Hi Emo (Korean for "Aunt on maternal side") with a picture of a boy (him), a heart (loves) and a girl (me) and then signed "Jonah" (but notice the backwards "J"). I mean, really, it's just the sweetest remembrance of my sweet little nephew. The shoes are the classic buckle shoe Belle Vivier, named after the Buñuel classic starring Catherine Deneuve, Belle de Jour. Bruno Frisoni has been designing for Roger Vivier as of late and I just love his whimsical take on the French brand. I chose these accessories after deciding to wear my new bubble skirt, my latest purchase from my recent trip to Tysons Mall outside Washington D.C. And the tank is an old one from NYC and the sweater, one of the standard cardigans I mentioned on an earlier post.

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Seeing the world in a grain of sand... said...

What an adorable story behind your ebury! Incidently, it is such a great bag ( a thinking woman's birkin?). Love the pilgim buckle Viviers - makes one feel like a young Catherine Deneuve, no?