Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/24/09

Date: 9/24/09
Bag: Jimmy Choo Mahala in navy
Shoe: Prada gold snakeskin flat sandals
Worn with: H&M lamé dress, American Apparel cardigan
The Jimmy Choo Mahala bag was a gift from the PR folks pre-fashion week. I love the navy color of the tote; it's definitely one of my favorites from the JC peeps. The funny thing is that they gave me the same bag in turquoise a season later. That bag did not fare the same fate as this beloved navy one; I ended up selling it. The gold Prada sandals are a pair that I purchased one season in Milan. I loved the mini platform and the matte gold material. In the beginning, they gave me terrible blisters and the stiff bottom made walking in the shoe extremely uncomfortable. It's only recently since I've moved to Omaha that I've broken the shoe in and now it is seriously one of my favorites. Really comfy, totally chic and goes with almost anything. It seems like every season I bought something at Prada, whether it was a pair of shoes, an item of clothing, a bag or a small accessory. Back in the day, you would arrive in your hotel room in Milan one night and a white Prada shopping bag would be there waiting for you with your show invite as well as a brand new handbag. Those were the days. Unfortunately many of us (including me) often times would return our gift and get something else in the shop. I think, honestly, that's why they stopped giving us gifts. Could you blame them? Totally rude, really, but then again, it's typical fashion. (Haha.) The dress is a new one from H&M; very retro-Gucci. The cardigan, yup, the same one from American Apparel.

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