Monday, September 28, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/28/09

Date: 9/28/09
Bag: Louis Vuitton shoulder bag
Shoe: Sergio Rossi riding boots
Worn with: J Crew brown and cream striped tee, Moschino cashmere and wool cropped cardigan, Claudia Brown equestrian print full skirt
I don't recall the name of this LV bag; but looking at the LV site, I did notice a really similar style called...coincidentally, Trocadero 27. I have always been drawn to the name Trocadero and am so happy I was able to use that name as my boutique. I did actually purchase this Louis Vuitton shoulder bag, back at the time when LV used to give discounts! I bought this one for myself and the Alma for my Mom. The boots are from Sergio Rossi, designed by Edmundo Castillo. They are perfection. I told Edmundo that, I photographed them for the magazine and received them because I loved them so. Months later at Christmas time, my holiday gift arrived: a sketch of my favorite boots made especially for me. I have worn this outfit many times. It shows how to mix patterns with stripes and various textures. The tee I purchased at J Crew, the sweater was also from a matched set with a dress from Moschino from the Aeffe sample sale preview and the skirt, a purchase from Selima Salaun's boutique Bond Zero 7 on Bond Street.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/27/09

Date: 9/27/09
Bag: Fendi black patent tote
Shoe: Marc Jacobs metallic skimmer with rose detail
Worn with: Kulson silk print camisole, Alberta Ferretti cashmere cardigan, Marc Jacobs cuffed wide legged shorts, Louis Vuitton black belt with large silver buckle
This is an outfit combination that I have never worn before but I like it so much that I might have to wear it again sometime. It makes use of a lot of items from my wardrobe that don't often see the light of day. The Fendi tote was a Christmas gift, the shoes were purchased at the Iris store in Milan. Iris is the manufacturer of a lot of amazing shoe brands like Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Veronique Branquinho and others that I cannot recall! Anyway, it was always a stop during Milan Fashion Week because they often had styles that weren't available at the namesake stores in Europe or America. It was almost like a factory store but not, unfortunately, at factory prices. The cami was a cheap purchase pre-fashion week from Bloomie's (I think?), the cardigan is part of an A.F. dress I received as a gift from the Aeffe folks. The Marc Jacobs shorts were purchased in NYC; I was absolutely obsessed with the Spring/Summer 2006 Collection that was very schoolgirl-inspired. I bought both these shorts and the cross-front jumper that season at the Marc Jacobs store on Mercer Street. With the 30% editor's discount, the price tags were a little easier to swallow. The retro-Cowboy-rodeo-inspired belt buckle from Vuitton was a gift from the PR girls; I had admired it while at an LV event at their flagship store on 57th and Fifth. And yes, the next day, the brown bag arrived with my belt and a note. I have this feeling that PR budgets in NYC aren't quite the same nowadays...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/26/09

Date: 9/26/09
Bag: Gucci gray patent satchel
Shoe: Prada brocade d'orsay pumps
Worn with: Simply Vera by Vera Wang white tuxedo ruffle blouse, gray American Apparel gray cotton cardigan, Bottege Veneta silk skirt
It's not a big surprise to hear that the bag was yet another editor's gift from Gucci.
I don't quite recall the season; it was one when gray bags were all the rage (Fall 2005?). The shoes are very old Prada; I think I bought these in Milan along with a brocade skirt and brocade bag. I remember Anna Wintour had a similar Prada brocade skirt. The Bottega Veneta skirt was a sample sale purchase. I think it might have set me back about $50. I know, what a steal. The white blouse is from the Simply Vera line at Kohl's and the skirt is one of my usuals: American Apparel.

Special Deliveries

After I attended the LA Gift Show, I actually picked up some new vendors to carry at the Troc. So far it seems like my picks have been rather popular. For one these Haute Diggity Dog chew toys with tongue-in-chic names like "Chewy Vuiton," "Sniffany & Company" and "Chewnel No.5." There's also the "Bark Street Journal" and a vintage suitcase with retro stickers.

We've also had quite the response with our Flip & Tumble totes. They make great stocking stuffers or a housewarming gift.

This week we just got deliveries of some great classic children's books. Titles like Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mad About Madeline: The Complete Tales, Madeline Says Merci and Winnie the Pooh's ABC board book. And our popular "I Never Forget A Face" matching game is back in stock as well.

If you're looking for a unique gift for someone special, check out our new blank notebooks from Attic Journals. Vintage and library hard back books are rebound to include the front pages of the original book and then filled with blank, white pages. Perfect for sketching, journaling, recording memories.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/25/09

Date: 9/25/09
Bag: Mulberry brown small duffle
Shoe: Fendi platform sandal
Worn with: Chanel silk chiffon dress and Sandro brown tweed jacket with ribbon detail
There was an Ovarian Cancer Research Fund luncheon today at the Governor's Mansion in Lincoln, hosted by the First Lady of Nebraska Sally Ganem. With that occasion in mind, I decided to put on a pretty dress and a ladylike jacket. While I was in a rush to get out of the house, I was unable to photograph my accessories until I got back to the Troc. The Mulberry bag was an editor gift one season. It's like a LV Speedy in shape but I love that it also comes with a detachable long strap so you can wear it cross-body. The shoes are from Fendi; I saw them in the showroom and loved them (and another similar pair on a higher heel in taupe/silver). One day, both shoes arrived at my office, right before I was heading out to the Milan/Paris shows. Fendi wanted me to wear their shoes during fashion week. I obliged. I don't think these were ever produced; they never asked for them back and I have happily kept them in heavy rotation in my closet. The hidden platform was new at the time and was a genius concept to get all the height with the comfort to boot. I paired these accessories with a Chanel dress purchased at a Chanel sample sale (oh, those were the days...they unfortunately have done away with them!) and the jacket is from Sandro, a little shop in the Marais district in Paris. Sandro is like a higher-end Zara, Club Monaco-like prices but much more fashionable. It's Parisian so of course all the details are pitch perfect.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/24/09

Date: 9/24/09
Bag: Jimmy Choo Mahala in navy
Shoe: Prada gold snakeskin flat sandals
Worn with: H&M lamé dress, American Apparel cardigan
The Jimmy Choo Mahala bag was a gift from the PR folks pre-fashion week. I love the navy color of the tote; it's definitely one of my favorites from the JC peeps. The funny thing is that they gave me the same bag in turquoise a season later. That bag did not fare the same fate as this beloved navy one; I ended up selling it. The gold Prada sandals are a pair that I purchased one season in Milan. I loved the mini platform and the matte gold material. In the beginning, they gave me terrible blisters and the stiff bottom made walking in the shoe extremely uncomfortable. It's only recently since I've moved to Omaha that I've broken the shoe in and now it is seriously one of my favorites. Really comfy, totally chic and goes with almost anything. It seems like every season I bought something at Prada, whether it was a pair of shoes, an item of clothing, a bag or a small accessory. Back in the day, you would arrive in your hotel room in Milan one night and a white Prada shopping bag would be there waiting for you with your show invite as well as a brand new handbag. Those were the days. Unfortunately many of us (including me) often times would return our gift and get something else in the shop. I think, honestly, that's why they stopped giving us gifts. Could you blame them? Totally rude, really, but then again, it's typical fashion. (Haha.) The dress is a new one from H&M; very retro-Gucci. The cardigan, yup, the same one from American Apparel.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/23/09

Date: 9/23/09
Bag: Chanel shoulder bag and Anya Hindmarch tote
Shoe: Roger Vivier "Belle Vivier" flats
Worn with: Express black camisole, American Apparel cardigan, H&M gray bubble skirt
Today I decided to go with two bags; one for all the necessities and one for my laptop and extra gear. The Chanel wool chain strap bag was a Christmas gift one year from the PR girls. The truth is that even as an accessories director, it was not often that Chanel sent handbags at the holidays. Usually, that was reserved for the beauty directors. Often times I would get a small zip clutch, wallet or jewelry. But I remember that this was the year that they gave many editors handbags and we all were very appreciative. I mean, who didn't want a Chanel bag? The Anya tote is from her Bespoke Ebury line, a custom, made-to-order handbag meant to pass down through the generations. The cool thing is that they can inscribe the bag personally with a note or decoration from whomever is giving the bag. This one was a surprise gift from Anya given to select accessories directors. If you look closely, you can see a message in silver; this was something that was "engraved" from a message that my nephew scribbled to me (the PR girls arranged to have someone "close" to each editor to do a message; in my case, it was my sister who then had her oldest son write it). The message says: Hi Emo (Korean for "Aunt on maternal side") with a picture of a boy (him), a heart (loves) and a girl (me) and then signed "Jonah" (but notice the backwards "J"). I mean, really, it's just the sweetest remembrance of my sweet little nephew. The shoes are the classic buckle shoe Belle Vivier, named after the Buñuel classic starring Catherine Deneuve, Belle de Jour. Bruno Frisoni has been designing for Roger Vivier as of late and I just love his whimsical take on the French brand. I chose these accessories after deciding to wear my new bubble skirt, my latest purchase from my recent trip to Tysons Mall outside Washington D.C. And the tank is an old one from NYC and the sweater, one of the standard cardigans I mentioned on an earlier post.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/19/09

Date: 9/19/09
Bag: Pollini gunmetal metallic leather shoulder bag
Shoe: Catherine Maladrino for Repetto Paris
Worn with: CK Calvin Klein mint green silk tank, American Apparel long charcoal cotton cardigan, American Apparel iridescent metallic black skirt
I received the bag from Pollini one season. At first it didn't really impress me and I thought I would most likely give it away. But then I realized when I looked inside, I couldn't. Inside was a brass placard with my engraved name. Sure, I could have just simply removed the luggage-like metal tag and sent it off to my friend's consignment shop, Tokyo Joe or any other consignment store. I decided against it and turns out it has become one of my favorites for its simplicity. It's a bag that needs to be on a shoulder to fully understand its awesomeness. Basically a slouchy style hobo in a neutral metallic, it goes with almost everything. Plus it can become completely flat and is really lightweight so it's a great one to pack in a suitcase for travel. The shoes were an editor gift as well; they arrived in my office one day just like many before and after it. They were Repetto ballets but customized by Catherine Malandrino in gray leather with white stars. I love Repetto ballerinas...they have that perfect squared off toe and are super comfortable. And with the slightly rocker/graffiti-esque star pattern, they can give an edge to an otherwise conservative outfit. I am after all wearing a daddy-like cardigan, which by the way, is my most recent purchase from American Apparel. The perfect cardigan, I bought it in three colors: charcoal, navy and black. It will be the new staple in my wardrobe this season. Believe me, when I find something I like, I'll get it in many colors and wear it over and over again!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/18/09

Date: 9/18/09
Bag: Miu Miu gray croc print leather with scarf-wrapped handle
Shoe: Prada navy leather loafer with stacked heel
Worn with: C&C black long sleeved cotton top, Fendi navy short sleeve jacket with brown leather self-belt, Mossimo ombre polyester skirt
This is my homage to Miuccia Prada as I am wearing both Miu Miu and Prada accessories today. The bag was one of my purchases from Milan fashion week (I can't recall the season but I am thinking circa September 2005-2006). I loved the ladylike look of the bag and especially loved the scarf-wrapped handle. The colors are totally on point for right now--the gray with teal, navy, brown and tan. I would wear Rescue Beauty Lounge's Under the Stars nail color with this bag. I think the shoes are one of my first Prada sample sale purchases. They have the perfect rounded squared-off toe and chunky heel. I've thought about giving them up some seasons but am always happy to pull them back out of the closet year-in and year-out. The jacket was a bargain sale purchase from a London Fendi shop; I remember getting an unreal deal. And the skirt is something I picked up at Target earlier this year. Coincidentally I got it because it reminded me of old Prada. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on the skirt...every time I wear it. I love telling people it was $19.99 full price. LOVE!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two for the Road: 9/17/09

Date: 9/17/09
Bag: Tod's Cowboy in brown leather
Shoe: Bruno Frisoni gray patent bootie
Worn with: American Apparel gray ribbed wifebeater mini dress, Vince gray sweatshirt dress, Norma Kamali for Everlast animal print leggings
This bag was one of my "twice a year" seasonal bags gifted from Tod's. Every season, a new "it" bag from Tod's would arrive by messenger to my office right before New York Fashion Week. It was always interesting to see which editors received bags and which color they got. I loved this hobo tote with its slightly western styling with whipstitching. It was definitely a bag I knew I could keep forever since its general design was fairly simple and classic. The Bruno booties from A/W 2007 are still to-die-for in my opinion. I instantly fell in love with them on my appointment with Bruno Frisoni himself. I remember it also came in a gorgeous burgundy color too but I really connected with this steel gray hue. I ordered them in my size at my appointment in March 2007 and a few months later they arrived at my office with a note from the PR girls wishing me well as I was about to take off on my adventure to Omaha.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Daily Feature: Two for the Road

When I was in junior high (or was it high school?), I used to painstakingly record every outfit I wore each day. It was my way of making sure I didn't repeat an outfit (quelle horreur!) and to keep track of what I had in my closet. I just remember that I owned something like 27 black skirts, of which I think half were from Express or the Limited. I was a typical mall rat in my teen years, always scouring the sale racks for bargain finds. I also worked at a small boutique called Trends (now since closed) in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and was able to add to my budding fashionista closet with my 30% discounted purchases.

While I was always a clotheshound, I was even more of an accessories fiend. I loved handbags and of course shoes. I mean, who didn't adore shoes? I was lucky enough to have a career that afforded me a way to get paid for my addictions. It was like giving free heroin to a heroin addict and then on top of it giving them a salary to boot. How I ever quit my job, some people still don't understand. But for me, I have a lifetime of memories...both in my mind and in my closet.

And it was while on a long drive up to Minneapolis this past week that I thought of a new daily Troc Talk blog feature: Two for the Road. I've decided to come out of the closet, so to speak, with all my amazing fashionable treats in the form of bags and shoes and wear them one-by-one until I have no more repeats to show. Originally I was going to wear a different shoe and bag every day but realized that with my new favorite boots from Seychelles that just arrived at the shop, I didn't want to not be able to wear them again for like 10 months! (Yes, I'm starting to think I have enough shoes that I could wear a different one every day for 9-12 months...). So now, instead, I will be blogging my daily shoe and bag combos until the combinations run out (which statistically I figured out would almost be never!), so realistically it will be until further notice (we'll see how long it stays interesting...). It's a little reminiscent of Julie & Julia, where a blogger cooked a different recipe every day from Julia Child's cookbook for 365 days. I'm just cooking up outfits...and let's just say already it has forced me to come up with new items to wear with the accessories I have chosen for the day (depending on what I have to do, the weather, etc.).

The Two for the Road feature will have a little story about the bag or shoe and how it ended up in my closet and why I haven't tossed it out yet...
Date: 9/16/09
Bag: YSL Muse in leopard
Shoe: Christian Louboutin iridescent metallic snakeskin kitten heel pump
Worn with: NY & Company white button down shirt with vintage skinny navy belt with gold/silver metal buckle from Neiman Marcus, navy Prada silk/cashmere cardigan, champagne beige silk ruffle tiered skirt from Vince
This bag was given to me from the YSL PR department as a thank you for an editorial credit I gave them for the "Downtown" style. It was right before I was heading into Fashion Week in February and I was super excited. It was the IT bag (many editors had it in black, brown or cream leather) but I loved that mine was unique in the leopard print. I knew this would be something I would always keep -- a classic. I paired it today with these Christian Louboutin metallic iridescent snakeskin kitten heels. These were a loaner pair I snagged while hobbling in Paris because my own Louboutins heel had snapped off. Since I was a sample size 37, the Louboutin PR gals loaned me these metallic snakeskin pumps. When I returned to the states, the girls said I could keep them. Ahhh, the memories.....

BE&D at Fashion Week

Even though my wedding is in a mere ten days, I've been doing my best to keep up with New York Fashion Week. Looking at collections online--and at photos of celebs and fashion editors in their amazing outfits--is one of my favorte time-wasters. So it's easy to see why I was excited to see this image of Misshapes member Leigh Lazark carrying the BE&D "Garbo" Bag that Trocadero has for fall. I love how Lazark matched the hard-edged bag with an equally rock-and-roll outfit.

photo by Kelly Stuart for the ELLE News Blog

Friday, September 11, 2009

The September Issue

She's been rumored to be the inspiration for Meryl Streep's frosty character, Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. She's been praised for her eye for fashion and has been known for her aloof and strict persona, earning her the nickname: Nuclear Wintour. Her trademark pageboy bob haircut and large sunglasses have now become iconic . I am of course referring to the infamous fashion editor-in-chief of American Vogue: Anna Wintour.

Now, her status and the famous fashion magazine (some call it "The Bible") VOGUE, have been filmed in a new documentary covering the September 2007 issue with Sienna Miller on the cover. Appropriately titled, The September Issue, the film chronicles her work in the astounding, 840 page issue, their largest ever. The five pound issue is said to be the single, largest issue ever sent to press. Not bad for a month's work in this superficial industry of shoes and handbags. I mean, it's only a $300 billion dollar global industry. So, I guess you could say she has a little bit of pull.

Ah, VOGUE. It's name says it all. Madonna even once coined the term in her pop thumping tune back in the 90's. I have to say, I'm surprised it's taking this long for a director like R.J. Cutler to do this documentary. But it wouldn't be complete without the conductor Wintour and her orchestra team of editors. Are you ready to see the Maestro at work?

The film takes you behind the scenes, around the world and in closed meetings. It's an inside look into this exciting and ever-changing industry. The September Issue recently premiered at the Sundance Film festival to rave reviews and received an award for excellence in documentary cinematography.

The highly anticipated documentary arrived in theatres today in limited release. Click here for the trailer. And as the documentary's catchphrase says:

Fashion is a Religion. This is the Bible.

And seeing as I'm in lovely Greece, check out Greek's VOGUE homepage for their take on fashion in Greece.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

TOTE-ally Eco, TOTE-ally Chic!

I remember being a little girl and running around the Laiki, meaning "popular market" with my mother every Wednesday in our neighborhood in Athens, Greece. Local merchants came with their goodies of fresh fruits and vegetables to sell with apples as big as your hands and watermelons large enough to feed a family of six. Ok, maybe that's exaggerating, but it was a treat. The wonderul thing about this market here is that you can taste before you buy. The merchants actually encourage this to prove that they are the best in the venue. Many Greeks prefer to get their fruits and vegetables at a market than at a grocery store because there is more to choose from. I prefer getting my fresh oregano here for my Greek salad. I find the whole Laiki trip a wonderful experience. Much more fun than just roaming around the same aisles at your local grocery store. Not only was the food plentiful, but you get more for your buck. Many Greeks also carry their own, personal tote for their purchases. Which begs the question: With all the styling and care we do for ourselves, why shouldn't shopping for food be just as fashionable as well as Eco-friendly ??

Whether you are shopping at the Farmer's Market or at your local grocery store, reusable totes are definitely the way to shop nowadays. Besides, who needs all those crumply, plastic bags hanging around? Even if the thought of carrying a tote sounds annoying to you, there's always the option of carrying pocket size totes that fold up easily in the palm of your hand.

Anya Hindmarch, known for her lady-like style, started a huge craze with her chic, reusable bags simply titled: I'm NOT A Plastic Bag. Now, she expanded her reusable idea into other clever Reusable Totes, each with its own use. Separate your food with these cute totes by putting your eggs in your dairy bag and your chicken in your poultry bag. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "I need a luxury reusable tote like I need a hole in my head," but according to the Wall Street Journal, America' s consumption of bags is estimated at 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually, that's an estimated 12 million barrels of oil required to make that many plastic bags. So a little luxury isn't so bad, especially when you know that you're doing your part in being responsible. So go ahead, treat yourself.
TOTE-ally Eco, TOTE-ally Chic

Want a more portable option? Ty these Flip & Tumble Reusable Bags. These recyclable and reusable bags roll up in a little ball and fit in the palm of your hand. Now you have no excuse for not bringing your own tote. Just drop it in your handbag and pull out when you do your shopping. They can be used for just about anything and the great thing is, you won't have to worry about leaving a tote at home or in the car because this handy little thing will always be with you for that impromptu pick up at the market. And don't worry about ripping them. These bags are made from ripstop nylon (parachute material) and can carry up to 25lbs. Just toss the bag in the washing machine when they need it and when they are no longer usable, send to it to Flip & Tumble to recycle it. They fit comfortably on your shoulder and come in really cute designs and colors, so there's no need to worry about carrying a boring, bland bag.
Flip & Tumble Reusable Totes
Fashionable or Functional, there's something for everyone.

TOTE-ally available @ Trocadero.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Trocadero Top Twenty *Tips #20-#6*

Late August we started our countdown to Fall and came up with the Trocadero TOP 20 Trends to Incorporate into your Wardrobe. From what to buy (cheaply), to search for (in your own closet or someone else's), to invest in or what to skip, these tips should help you make wise decisions of how to spend your money this fall season. Below you'll find our top 15 tips so far....tune into next week when we reveal our final 5 tips.

The Trocadero Top Twenty: Our Must-Have Items To Get You Through The Fall Fashion Season (Tips 20-15)

20. It's not just the temperature outside that's stuck in the 80s. The decade of excess, shoulder pads, neon, metallic studding, leggings and acid washed jeans are all back in full fashion force. Just be careful not to pile it all on at once or you'll risk looking like a true fashion victim. Search for a vintage 80s strong-shoulder blazer in your closet (or your Mom's) or at a thrift/consignment shop (like Esther's on 75th St. north of Pacific), buy inexpensive leggings in black, metallics or neons at Target or American Apparel, skip the acid washed jeans (or just bleach an old pair at home) and invest in a studded accessory (because trust me, this trend will always come back every few years). We love this look from Balmain (above) and this Be & D shoulder bag available right now at the Troc.

19. Nothing is more polished this season than a crisp white cotton button shirt. The good thing is that this style is available almost everywhere at every price. If you're prone to spilling and yellowing underarms, stick to more throwaway shirts that you can ditch after a season or two. I love the Simply Vera by Vera Wang one from Kohl's with a tuxedo-style front pleating detail.

18. Black tie isn't just for after-hours. Whether it's double-breasted, black, with a notched lapel or my personal favorite: the shawl-collar, a tuxedo jacket is a fresh, new look to pair with a feminine, flirty mini skirt or pair of skinny leggings or jeans. There are tons of designer versions out there to invest in from Stella McCartney, Thakoon, See by Chloe and others. This is a great classic jacket that is current but great to have for years to come so I'd say spend the money and get a really fabulous one if you can.

17. Look Ma, No Hands! This season it's all about the hands-free bag. Whether it's a messenger-style large tote or one that is big enough to just hold the essentials, a cross-body bag is something every wardrobe should have. And at the Troc we have many styles from L.A.M.B., MZ Wallace and Anya Hindmarch (coming soon). Here, is the Paige from MZ Wallace...we love it in this black color but the nutmeg is equally delicious.

16. Steal from Dad's closet. It's all about menswear this fall season so take a cue from Daddy dearest and incorporate some of his houndstooth, herringbone and pinstripe patterns into your own closet. While you might not be able to physically wear his clothes, at least steal the inspiration. At least grab a tie (one size fits all). There's a reason why ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani stopped me on a street corner when I was wearing a navy blazer, white shirt, tie and khaki...shorts. Ok, so maybe the shorts was the real reason (he and his whole crew were wearing my same look minus the shorts). I like menswear mixed with some femininity (in my case it was the shorts). But for fall, I would pair it with a wool pencil skirt, bermudas, a pair of high heel pumps. You get the idea. Just don't be afraid to embrace your testosterone.

*These next tips from Tidbits 08.26.09*

15. Make a Statement. A "wow" necklace can really make an entrance and truly transform any hum-drum outfit. Think multi-strand chains, chunky, bauble styles in jewel tone colors to complement fall's earth tones when searching for the right piece. We love this one from Kara by Kara Ross (available at Trocadero) and would pair it with a tweed blazer, crisp blouse, slim jeans and an oxford bootie. For more of our styling tips, check out our Personal Stylist page of our website.

14. Get your motor running. We've been talking about it for months and yes, it's true...the biker jacket is the key piece to own. If you find a fabulous one at a thrift store, grab it while you can. Otherwise, there are plenty of choices both online and in stores so just search for one that suits you and your budget. Wear it with something softer on bottom such as a satin knee-length skirt or sweater dress.

13. Be like Sporty Spice. While we might live in a more Posh Spice-centric, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham, world, rugby stripes, polo shirts, shorts and sneakers look equally at home next to fur trim, rhinestones, satins and boucle suits. Incorporate and layer the pieces to create rugged ladylike silhouettes or preppy glamour looks.
This L.A.M.B. "Lambert" tote is one of our favorite bags at the Troc for its versatile handheld and long shoulder strap. And of course for its sporty stripes. It's ample size is large enough to fit a laptop and some some knee pad guards for that rugby game after work.

12. Up, up and away! The over-the-knee boot this season is almost like a second skin, especially if you live in colder climates (hello, can we say O-M-A-H-A in December thru February?). Good thing that the Troc has come prepared to offer the bomb of a boot from Joie: the black Caravan double-zipper thigh high leather style. Most of the boots on the runway are on a heel but we love the fact that this is practical, chic, oh-so-stylish, super cool and most importantly FLAT. We're counting the days when it arrives on our doorstep courtesy of our awesome UPS man, Bob. He's almost as much as the bomb as the boots. Here, a sneak peak. And if you're worried because you're petite, have no fear: this boot looked great on Kim from Joie who is not much taller than 5'2". But if you need a heel, we do have these incredible Giuseppe Zanotti thigh-high boots on a hidden platform heel.

11. Show some shoulder.
It's a season about showing some skin. Whether it's a mini dress or skirt or the one shoulder or one sleeve top or dress, the designers want you to liberate your legs and your arms. Remember Freida Pinto at the Oscars (in John Galliano)? For fall, Oscar de la Renta showcased a few gorgeous dresses with the bare shoulder look, such as this stunning jewel tone one at left. If you want to do the ultimate one-two punch: this Emilio Pucci hot pink mini dress with one sleeve will do double, or triple duty (the hot pink makes it a trifecta).

10. Grab a sweater. As soon as Labor Day is over, it seems like nature automatically turns on the switch button to cooler temps. And it makes us reach for our oversized sweatshirts and cableneck sweaters. While it's always sweater season come autumn, this year it's more about the style of sweaters that are essential to updating your wardrobe. Think oversized, chunky, long and short sleeve. Yes, short-sleeve. The way to wear this is by wearing a long sleeved button down or a long sleeved cotton shell. And when it's really cold, wear it over a cashmere-blend turtleneck. Keep the pants slim or wear a pencil skirt and use a belt to break up the look. There are so many affordable options of the short-sleeved, chunky sweater; many I have seen are under $45.

9. Lace it up. When it comes to footwear this fall, there are a few must-haves to make sure you have in your wardrobe. One trend (and truly a classic style) is the oxford. It works well with all the menswear looks this season but also grounds a more feminine outfit. I really love the oxford bootie on a heel, such as this one called the Blimey from Seychelles. It is such a fabulous style on a hidden one-inch platform that not only will give you great height but is super boot (no pun intended). Its versatility to pair with jeans, dresses, skirts and trousers makes it an all-around shoe/bootie to have in your closet season after season. This is definitely a style you can invest in but we really love all the affordable options out there as well.

8. Drink and think Guinness. I'm not advocating consuming alcoholic beverages; instead I'm talking about drinking in the color palette of the famed Irish beer. Black and tans make a tasty combination when it comes to your wardrobe (and the drink isn't so bad either -- and contrary to what you'd expect, Guinness is not higher in carbs or calories than most beers!).
Whether you take inspiration from the gradient colors of the Guinness as it's poured alone or when it's mixed with a pale ale for the classic black and tan, we think that everyone's eyes will be smilin' when you're sporting colors of rich browns, dark chocolates, earthy tans and ecru beiges.
Just look at some of the accessories at the Troc and you'll get the message.

7. Be somewhat Peta-friendly. I know many people are against wearing fur and this might not be a trend where everyone will go on board. But it is definitely an item-driven season and the fur jacket or fur-trimmed coat is something that looks equally chic with a cocktail dress or a pair of well-worn jeans.

We love all the faux-fur options out there as well such as
the Rachel Zoe for QVC line debuting on September 12th
(photo courtesy of But if you want the real deal and are on a budget (and maybe don't want to support the new trade of new fur), then go vintage. It's definitely much more cost-conscious, easier on the psyche and honestly, the designs are true originals. This is where estate sales or antiquing come in handy. A short-drive from Omaha, Walnut, Iowa is an antiquing mecca with shop-after-shop of incredible wares for incredibly low prices. This mink capelet is a fraction of what it would have cost brand new and it was in terrific shape. It also reminds us of Doris Day in the movie, That Touch of Mink.

6. Make them green with envy. The perfect complement to fall's hues of grays, burgundys and chocolates is an accent color of green. We love Rachel Bilson with this cute pop of hunter green color in her shoulder bag and love the small shape as well (photo courtesy of At Trocadero, we like to take the green in a different direction: on our nails. Rescue Beauty Lounge has launched this brand new color for Fall called Orbis Non Sufficit (Latin for "the world is not enough") and we love the hue with charcoal and deep wine reds. This color and twelve other delectable hues from Rescue Beauty Lounge are all available at Trocadero. Don't forget about your nails, girls. They're just like any other accessory in your wardrobe!