Monday, June 20, 2011

Kidrobot London

I recently got back from my month long European adventure. I had such an amazing time, but I have to admit, towards the end of my trip I was a tad bit homesick... So imagine my surprise when I came across the Kidrobot store in London! A little bit of home away from home! 

I could spend a lifetime in this store. There's so much to take in! One of the toys I couldn't take my eyes off were the Yummy Desserts. Similar to the Yummy Breakfast toys, the Yummy Desserts are a blind assortment of vinyl treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, popsicles, smores, and ice cream cones!

Another thing that caught my attention was "I am Plastic Too" book. The book features over 140 artists and their personalized Kidrobot toys.

The book inspired me to make some Kidrobot creations of my own! Kidrobot sells a line of vinyl "Munny" dolls that are virtually blank canvases ready for you to scribble, paint, pierce, etc.!

Here are some of my favorite creations from the Kidrobot website:
The options are endless for these little guys. Personalize your own Munny doll, now available at the Troc in solid white & black ($30) as well as Mini Munnies in blue & white ($15). With so many fresh ideas from visiting the Kidrobot store, I can't wait to get my hands on one myself!


Mr. Jay said...

I hope you brought us back some Yummy Desserts:)

Miss Cake ARt & DEsign said...

Those Yummy Desserts are the cutest things ever!