Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's In My Bag: Ellyse

Most of the time my purse is a hot mess inside and I can't find anything! It's like digging in a black hole! So, I decided to clean it out and focus on my most important items that I cannot leave the house without.
On the left, my Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag that I purchased from Von Maur. It was definitely a splurge for me, but it was well worth it! It goes with anything because of the fabulous puddy color and the lovely gold hardware. This bag can also either be a satchel or a cross-body bag with its removable strap. It's the best of both worlds!

Here is an up close look at each of the products I carry.

Anya Hindmarch makeup bag: This little bag I got from Trocadéro is perfect for carrying my many beauty products. It is the perfect size and shape and it's so cute, too!

Cell phone: I cannot live without this thing! I feel lost if I do not have it with me. I wish it was a smart phone but maybe by my next upgrade!

Paul Mitchell hairspray: This stuff will hold your hairstyle in place ALL day! Love it! You will never have a bad hair day if you carry this bottle with you!

Bobby pins: What did people used to do without bobby pins? I think I use bobby pins at least once a day for something. My hair has a mind of its own... I'm always getting sick of it and wanting to change it up. They are perfect for keeping your wild hair in place!

Mint gum: It's always good to have fresh breath!

M.A.C. lipsticks: My first lipstick color is Viva Glam. This color is a natural shade with a little bit of shimmer to it. I like wearing it just to add a little color to my face. Also, the good thing about M.A.C lipsticks is they're not sticky like most lip glosses tend to be. My second color I purchased is Russian Red. This color is all about making a statement! Wearing this color can make any outfit! Just be careful and wipe your teeth often. ;)

Bond No. 9 pocket scent: This scent is called West Broadway and is one of my favorites! This little bottle is the perfect travel size. Just spritz a little on and you can smell fresh on-the-go all the time! Come in and purchase a bottle down at the Troc!

Scarlett Cosmetics lip gloss: The color I have is called Dunes. I like to put this over my lipstick as a finishing touch to add just a little more shine! These lip glosses are almost out at the Troc so hurry and stop in to pick one up before they are all gone!

Kiehl's face lotion: You can never start preventing wrinkles too early! This lotion is a moisturizing, anti-aging cream. I love it and it smells so good!

Hand sanitizer: There are too many germs out in the world to not carry hand sanitizer at all times!

Wallet: I love this wallet because it was inexpensive and it is all sparkles! It holds everything I need! Now if only there was more money in there....

Necklace: I feel naked if I do not have any jewelry on! So, if I'm running late and I forget to put something on, I have a backup in my purse!

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