Thursday, June 23, 2011

New York, New York

Working at the Troc and as a nanny for our owner, Alice, this summer, I imagined I'd be confined to the cornfields of Nebraska for the entirety of my stay. As it ends up, Alice has lent me out to another family as a nanny for their summer vacation in New York City. I recently found out the kids are both enrolled in camps from 9am-4pm. So, that leaves me with most of my daytime to roam the streets of the Big Apple completely solo. I've always been one to fly by the seat of my pants, but because I'll be alone most of the time, I've organized a list of my Top 10 Must-Do's in NYC. Here it goes.
1. Be in the presence of a legend: Ever since Alice brought it up to me, I've been dying to walk through the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met. The collection on display is comprised of more than 100 garments from his 19 years in the fashion industry. From the looks of it online, the rooms are just as eye-catching as the clothes.

2. Schmutz around: I'll be traveling with a Kosher family for this trip, so I'm bound to have the chance to eat at a tried & true Jewish deli. I may not eat corned beef or stuffed cabbage (vegetarian, here), but I've always wanted to taste test some real Jewish delicacies. Knishes and blintzes, coming right up!

3. Reach for the stars: This one is a quintessential experience for any traveller to New York City. I've done it before, but I'm told the trek to the top of the Empire State Building is best at dusk. With a view that looks out over the city and a summer sunset, I know I'll be crossing this off my list fairly easily.

4. Get back to my roots: While searching for things to do during my days, I came across a site recommending I go green by visiting a rooftop organic farm. Apparently, there are quite a few located right inside the city, where one can pick up fresh produce while learning about their environmentally-friendly practices! Right up my alley.

5. Indulge my sweet-tooth: While watching Best Thing I Ever Ate, pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini recommended we try Chikalicious' fromage blanc cheesecake. Watching him eat this light and airy dessert surrounded by a moat of whipping cream, I couldn't help but put this on my to-do list.

6. Expand my wardrobe: The shopping scene in New York can't be beat... that's a fact. So, naturally, I hope to stroll through a few stores I can't find in Omaha. On my list - british retailer, TopShop, has haute couture style at affordable prices and Opening Ceremony brings new and experienced American designers to the forefront of fashion.

7. Eat a heavenly meal: Being an immense foodie, I'm willing to go all out for at least one meal while in the city. I'm deciding between Sushi of Gari and Les Halles. The former was recommended to me by Alice, who claims it's the best sushi she's ever eaten. The latter is chef Anthony Bourdain's home-base that cooks simple, delicious french food. Oh, decisions!

8. Remember where I came from: My father is a veteran of the Viet Nam war and I've always had an immense appreciation for those who serve our country. This is the main reason for my itch to pay my respects at Ground Zero. I haven't been to the site yet and I feel that it's such a huge part of New York and U.S. history, it's necessary I visit.

9. Embrace diversity: I get my fair share of latin-american culture while in Los Angeles during the school year. However, all other cultural neighborhoods pale in comparison to the ones in New York. I'm really hoping to devote an entire day to navigating my way through Little Italy, Chinatown and Greenwich Village to find souvenirs unique to their backgrounds.

10. Get artsy: As a graphic design major, I figured I could find a little time to expand my art-filled horizons at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The space is the only museum in the country focused entirely on design from all eras and I can't wait to take a peek at what's inside.

Well, there it is. My list in all its glory. I'll let you know how many items I crossed of the list when I get back!


Flex said...

sounds incredible cygne!!!! Have the best time! xo

Adrian said...


The frites at Les Halles are great, but it's very red-meat-centric. And the steaks aren't as good as Omaha's own.


sarah-mai said...

I have a huge list of awesome veggie restaurants I can send you if you'd like!

Ive lived in NYC and Omaha and have extensive lists for both cities :)