Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stars of Omaha Fashion Week

The Fall 2011 Omaha Fashion Week is right around the corner and this year the Troc has the pleasure of partnering with them. Omaha Fashion Week has only been around for a couple of years and is already one of the largest fashion events in the Midwest. This great event gives young designers the opportunity to flaunt what they got! This week, I decided to interview one of the youngest designers, Kate Walz, that will be debuting her new collection this coming August. Walz is only 14 and this will be her third time designing for her line 'Just Because' for OFW. Most girls her age are busy drooling over boys, having sleepovers and gossiping with their girlfriends, but Walz is not your average 14-year-old. Here is what I found out:

1.How did you get involved with OFW for the first time?
An Omaha Fashion Week director saw some of my clothing pieces at Bellwether Boutique, requested that I apply for the spring show in 2010, and I was chosen.

2.Where did your love for fashion come from and when did it start?
I have always loved fashion, but I first started designing when I was eight years old, and just starting in 4-H. I participated in the designing and sewing competitions at the local and state level. I started selling my designs at Bellwether Boutique when I was 12 years old, and started Omaha Fashion Week when I was 13.

3. How did you learn to sew garments?
I took a couple of classes at Bernina when I was eight, and everything else was self-taught. All of my designs are original, designed and sewn by me, without using a store-bought pattern.

4. How old were you when you first started designing?
I was eight years old.

5. Where do you get your design inspiration? And where do you go for your own personal fashion inspiration?
I get design inspiration from almost anywhere; nature, vintage clothing, and architecture are some of my favorite. I get my own style inspiration mostly from anything vintage, and I am constantly wearing my great grandma's old jewelry. I just wear what I like, and don't particularly follow "trends."

6. Who are some of your favorite designers?
My favorite designer is Coco Chanel, and I would definitely say i am inspired by her designs. I also look up to Jane Round, Buf Reynolds, and Dan Richters for their talent and individuality.

7. Where are your favorite places to shop?
I don't really have a favorite place to shop, but I love the stores Republic of Couture, Nouvelle Eve, Coriander, and SheLa.

8. I know this is your third time designing for OFW. Are you just as nervous/excited as the first time?
I wouldn't say I'm as nervous as the first time because all of the other designers are all so supportive. I would definitely say that I am as excited as my first time in the show however, because I think it gets even more fun every show I participate in.

9. You are one of the youngest designers for OFW. Do you feel like your age has any affect on your performance?
I don't think that my age affects my performance because Omaha Fashion Week gives all designers the same chance no matter their age.

10. What advice would you give to a first time designer for OFW?
That their line makes sense and has a flow to it. Make sure that all of the designs in your collection have the same theme so they don’t look lost.

11. What are your future plans and goals?
I would love to move to New York and have my own store where I can sell my designs. I would eventually like to participate in other Fashion Weeks all over the world, but for right now am very grateful for Omaha Fashion Week.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What's in My Bag: Megan

Admittedly, I am the queen of oversized handbags. I hate feeling like I am leaving home without something I "need." For most of the year, you'll catch me hauling around a bag comparable to myself in size, but for the summer I am much too busy running around to be tied down with too much stuff. This makes a crossbody my go-to summer handbag. This also means I am forced to pare down to just the 'essentials'. Here's what made the cut:

(clockwise, starting from upper left corner)

-L.A.M.B. "Kiss Me" Card Case - I stash my credit cards, I.D., and miscellaneous receipts in here.

-Jane Iredale Pressed Powder - This stuff feels and looks INCREDIBLE. I am a huge fan of mineral makeup foundations. Although Bare Essentials is my all time favorite, this Jane Iredale powder is pressed-- a major pro since I'm throwing it in my bag. (Most mineral foundations that I've come across come in loose powder form. EEEK! Anyone who has ever had a eyeshadow or blush crumble in their purse know this is a huge no-no. Typically, I keep all cosmetics in a makeup bag, but there's no room amidst this mere essentials list!)

- Ralph Lauren Tortoise Aviators - I fell in love with these as soon as I tried them on (rarely can I say this about most sunglasses, unfortunately). I have a heart shaped face, so aviators are typically my go-to frames. The tortoise color has a really contrasted light/dark pattern, giving the shades a vintage vibe. Now, if only I could find the perfect pair of classic, oversized shades...

- M.Z. Wallace Platinum Leather "Bettie" Pouch: From Trocadero, of course! I'm head over heels for this little guy. He's the perfect wallet for a smaller handbag, and my future iPhone 4 will fit perfectly inside him.

-Monster coin purse - This pouch actually came with a gift card from Anthropologie I received last Christmas, and I loved him so much I had to put him to use. I usually feed him with coins for the meter.

 -Emergen-C Fizzy drink mix - Whenever I feel a cold coming on or when I simply want something more than plain water, I mix a packet of Emergen-C in my water bottle. It's tasty and good for you!

-Pop-up Brush with Mirror - I MUST have a brush on me at all times. My hair is too long and too unruly to go without one. (That reminds me of something that didn't but definitely should have made my list: NAIL FILES! I am always in need of one of these! I'm not overly obsessed with my nails, but once my nail snags on something I cannot for the life of me leave it alone.)

-Lip Balm/Lip Gloss - Right now I'm carrying the Laura Mercier Hydra Tint in Nude. It's a great summer color (the perfect not too tan/not too pale nude), is mosturizing and has SPF 15. I'm also carrying Origins Once Upon a Shine lip gloss in Ruby Slipper. I own several of the Once Upon a Shine glosses, and they all deliver just enough lip color and have a pretty shimmer to them without being 'sparkly'. 

-Moleskine Planner - I compulsively make lists and write everything down. Embarrassingly enough, I'm very territorial about my notebooks and planners...they're for my eyes only!

-Canon S95 - My new love affair. I have a lovely Nikon DSLR, but it's much too large to carry with me all the time. This camera is the perfect travel size and takes lovely photos!
-Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in Black - This purse can be worn as a crossbody, as a shoulder bag (as shown in the photo) or it can be used as a clutch. Talk about multifunctional! When the clock strikes midnight and my tiny summer purse morphs into my oversized handbag for the school year, it still makes the perfect evening clutch.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

All About Eve: Styling MZ Wallace's Sequined Bag

MZ Wallace "Eve," $245

At first glance, it's impossible not to be drawn to MZ Wallace's stunning sequined "Eve" bag. The glitzy rose gold clutch has the distinct ability to catch the eye of passers-by. Customers often argue that this lovely little accessory isn't really the pillar of practicality, at which point I chose to demonstrate differently. 

While you may be intimidated by its glam and glitz, I'm a firm believer that this bag can serve as the perfect compliment to soft neutrals at any time of day. Not only that, but it comes with an optional cross-body strap, meaning you can sling it over your shoulder during the day or carry it as a clutch at night. 

Of course, this edgy-yet-feminine bag can easily become your evening staple. It can effortlessly be worn with other neutrals - I like it with a slouchy dress and tough booties for a brilliantly balanced ensemble (see outfit 1). 

The real challenge, however, comes from styling it casually. You'd be surprised at how versatile sequins can be for day, and once this bag catches the light of the sun you won't be able to lock it away in a closet just for after-five use. Again, it pairs perfectly with a casual printed tank, soft jersey maxi skirt, feather earrings and strappy wedges (see outfit 2). In fact, I'd argue that the addition of the "Eve" makes this ensemble easier to wear for any occasion.

The way I'd personally wear it is with what has come to be known as my summer uniform - a soft and slouchy blouse with a pair of worn-in, high waisted denim shorts (see outfit 3). I'd just stack on a few everyday Alex & Ani bangles, slip on some sandals and head out for absolutely anything. 

all about eve

The MZ Wallace "Eve" and all shoes pictured are currently available at Trocadero. 

Now, I challenge you - how would you wear the "Eve"? 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New York, New York

Working at the Troc and as a nanny for our owner, Alice, this summer, I imagined I'd be confined to the cornfields of Nebraska for the entirety of my stay. As it ends up, Alice has lent me out to another family as a nanny for their summer vacation in New York City. I recently found out the kids are both enrolled in camps from 9am-4pm. So, that leaves me with most of my daytime to roam the streets of the Big Apple completely solo. I've always been one to fly by the seat of my pants, but because I'll be alone most of the time, I've organized a list of my Top 10 Must-Do's in NYC. Here it goes.
1. Be in the presence of a legend: Ever since Alice brought it up to me, I've been dying to walk through the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met. The collection on display is comprised of more than 100 garments from his 19 years in the fashion industry. From the looks of it online, the rooms are just as eye-catching as the clothes.

2. Schmutz around: I'll be traveling with a Kosher family for this trip, so I'm bound to have the chance to eat at a tried & true Jewish deli. I may not eat corned beef or stuffed cabbage (vegetarian, here), but I've always wanted to taste test some real Jewish delicacies. Knishes and blintzes, coming right up!

3. Reach for the stars: This one is a quintessential experience for any traveller to New York City. I've done it before, but I'm told the trek to the top of the Empire State Building is best at dusk. With a view that looks out over the city and a summer sunset, I know I'll be crossing this off my list fairly easily.

4. Get back to my roots: While searching for things to do during my days, I came across a site recommending I go green by visiting a rooftop organic farm. Apparently, there are quite a few located right inside the city, where one can pick up fresh produce while learning about their environmentally-friendly practices! Right up my alley.

5. Indulge my sweet-tooth: While watching Best Thing I Ever Ate, pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini recommended we try Chikalicious' fromage blanc cheesecake. Watching him eat this light and airy dessert surrounded by a moat of whipping cream, I couldn't help but put this on my to-do list.

6. Expand my wardrobe: The shopping scene in New York can't be beat... that's a fact. So, naturally, I hope to stroll through a few stores I can't find in Omaha. On my list - british retailer, TopShop, has haute couture style at affordable prices and Opening Ceremony brings new and experienced American designers to the forefront of fashion.

7. Eat a heavenly meal: Being an immense foodie, I'm willing to go all out for at least one meal while in the city. I'm deciding between Sushi of Gari and Les Halles. The former was recommended to me by Alice, who claims it's the best sushi she's ever eaten. The latter is chef Anthony Bourdain's home-base that cooks simple, delicious french food. Oh, decisions!

8. Remember where I came from: My father is a veteran of the Viet Nam war and I've always had an immense appreciation for those who serve our country. This is the main reason for my itch to pay my respects at Ground Zero. I haven't been to the site yet and I feel that it's such a huge part of New York and U.S. history, it's necessary I visit.

9. Embrace diversity: I get my fair share of latin-american culture while in Los Angeles during the school year. However, all other cultural neighborhoods pale in comparison to the ones in New York. I'm really hoping to devote an entire day to navigating my way through Little Italy, Chinatown and Greenwich Village to find souvenirs unique to their backgrounds.

10. Get artsy: As a graphic design major, I figured I could find a little time to expand my art-filled horizons at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The space is the only museum in the country focused entirely on design from all eras and I can't wait to take a peek at what's inside.

Well, there it is. My list in all its glory. I'll let you know how many items I crossed of the list when I get back!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Spy...

Today I was on my friend Melissa's Ruby Press PR's blog and was drooling over the Fuji Instax Mini camera she posted about. All I could think about was how quickly could I get one in my grubby little hands? I've always been a fan of polaroid cameras; I still own various incarnations of them, but alas, it's nearly impossible or unaffordable to get film these days. I decided that this camera was the perfect item for me to take quick on-the-spot developed photos of friends who are traveling from far away destinations to attend our upcoming nuptials. One trip to and my cute little instamax is on its way...While on Melissa's blog, I checked out some of her favorite sites. One name caught my eye: La Dolce Vita. "The sweet life" in Italian, it bears a resemblance to the Troc's tag line: The Good Life (a.k.a. the state of Nebraska's motto). When I checked out La Dolce Vita, I saw that her "About" page had a photo of the author (Paloma) and she is pictured sitting in front of a framed "Paris and Ses Monuments" map, just like the ones we sell at the Troc...and the same one I have hanging in my baby's room.I love discovering new things on other people's sites! What have you come across in your web travels that you found you could not live without?

Monday, June 20, 2011

These Summer Trends are Heating Up!

Looks by BCBGMAXAZRIA, Herve Leger, J.Crew, Forever 21, Kate Spade, Alice+Olivia and Chamak by Priya Kakkar.

This summer is all about being bold. It's time to step outside the box and revamp your look with these exotic prints and vibrant colors. Some of these trends can even be carried over into fall. Ladies, skin is in... snakeskin, that is! If you're not comfortable wearing a pair of snakeskin pants, like the BCBGMAXAZRIA ones pictured above, then try it on something simpler like a belt or clutch. The skin will add just the right touch to an outfit, without being over the top.

To be honest, when I first read that tribal prints were a summer trend, I was completely opposed to the idea. I told myself this is one trend I will not buy into. Now when I look in my closet, I've noticed that I've bought too much of it. I love the geometric and modern style the prints have! This print is fun to play around with, whether in the form of a romper, dress or skirt. At least one of these tribal items should find its way into your closet this summer!

The colors this summer just keep on getting brighter. Color blocking is another fun trend to test out this summer. Pair different vibrant colors together and add a fun printed scarf or bangles. By switching up colors and patterns, you can achieve so many different outfits with just a couple basic pieces. In doing so, you can achieve instant style!

Kidrobot London

I recently got back from my month long European adventure. I had such an amazing time, but I have to admit, towards the end of my trip I was a tad bit homesick... So imagine my surprise when I came across the Kidrobot store in London! A little bit of home away from home! 

I could spend a lifetime in this store. There's so much to take in! One of the toys I couldn't take my eyes off were the Yummy Desserts. Similar to the Yummy Breakfast toys, the Yummy Desserts are a blind assortment of vinyl treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, popsicles, smores, and ice cream cones!

Another thing that caught my attention was "I am Plastic Too" book. The book features over 140 artists and their personalized Kidrobot toys.

The book inspired me to make some Kidrobot creations of my own! Kidrobot sells a line of vinyl "Munny" dolls that are virtually blank canvases ready for you to scribble, paint, pierce, etc.!

Here are some of my favorite creations from the Kidrobot website:
The options are endless for these little guys. Personalize your own Munny doll, now available at the Troc in solid white & black ($30) as well as Mini Munnies in blue & white ($15). With so many fresh ideas from visiting the Kidrobot store, I can't wait to get my hands on one myself!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Warby Parker Launches Shades for Summer!

We here at the Troc have long shown our love for the eyeglass entrepreneurs over at Warby Parker here and here, so it's no surprise that we have all fallen head over heels for their new summer sunglasses collection! The classically cool styles all feature the same flat rate of $95 and can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Most styles will become available in late June, although the Griffin (below) is currently available. This particularly special pair includes a two-part charitable contribution - not only do they donate a pair of specs to someone in need (as with all Warby purchases), but $30 of each sale goes to Invisible Children, a group of inspiring young activists dedicated to documenting and sharing stories about children affected by war in central Africa.

If the sleek and smooth "Griffin" doesn't suit your style, rest assured that the other styles in the sun collection will stay true to their modern-meets-vintage aesthetic. Although I've been pining after a pair of Karen Walkers, I have to say I may skip those in favor of these fantastic tortoiseshell "Everett" shades once they're made available.

Learn more about Warby's sun collection here and let us know what style catches your eye! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chic and Unique Ways to Show Your Fan Spirit

It's that time of the year again. "The Greatest Show on Dirt" is coming to town. Yes, all of you baseball enthusiasts, the College World Series is here. After you've got your tickets and your tailgating plans taken care of, all that's left is to get pumped for game day. It's all about team and fan camaraderie. When the fans are hype, the team feels it and plays even harder. So, why not show your fan spirit in a more creative fashion this year? Below are a few ways to show your fan loyalty in style.

A Very Fine Feather Frenzy

Feather extensions are a major trend right now and are the perfect way to show your team pride! Simple, painless and affordable, add as many or as few as you desire to sport your favorite team's colors. They are available in an array of colors and styles. Feather extensions last up to 8 weeks and are reusable, so you can sport your team colors long after the games have come and gone.

(Feather Extensions available at Fringes Salon, Sirens Salon, and Urbane Salon)

An Edgy Way to Rep Your Team

Sometimes painting your face is just not enough and painting your entire body is just a bit too much. Hair tattoos are the perfect in between! Don't let the name scare you. Hair tattoos are painless, ink-less, temporary, and an artful way to show your fan spirit. Designs ranging from simple lines to names and detailed images are carefully carved into short hair with clippers or "tattoo trimmers." Consider getting your team logo or team name cut into your hair. For those truly dedicated teamsters, ask a stylist about incorporating color into your design to get the ultimate team-themed design. Go all out! After all, the CWS only comes around once a year!

(A design by Michael Hartig from Fringes Salon, Old Market on your's truly! )

Get a Grip on Team Spirit

A special manicure in your team's shades is a simple and fail-proof way to show your spirit and remain chic. Spice up a french manicure with bold color, or go the extra mile and make a statement with stripes or polka dots. Any way you paint it, you are sure to look festive and fashionable. Remember, keeping your natural nails at a shorter length offers a more sophisticated and elegant look to your manicure.


Fringes Salon
Old Market
518 South 10th Street
Omaha, NE 68102

West Dodge
15821 West Dodge Road
Omaha, NE 68118

Sirens Salon
1105 Howard Street
Omaha, NE 68102

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nothing Bundt Goodness!

It doesn't matter how old you are, a cake is always necessary on your birthday!

I just recently turned the big 2-1 and my mom decided to order a couple bundt cakes for my family and friends little get-together. I know the term "bundt cake" doesn't exactly scream "Happy 21st," but I rolled with it since the type of cake I would be eating wasn't exactly my biggest concern.

As the saying goes, "mother knows best." You would think that after 21 years I would learn that. Now I haven't indulged in to many types of cake, but these bundt cakes were nothing short of yummy goodness. Forget the celebration, I'll be at home with my cake.

Nothing Bundt Cakes was created by Dena Tripp and Debra Shwetz. Their business, now with more than 25 locations, bloomed out of their kitchen in Las Vegas where they experimented with the best of ingredients to create a winning bundt recipe. My guilty pleasures so far include the White White Chocolate and Red Velvet, each topped with their signature cream cheese frosting. Along with the flavor options, the sizing for their bundt cakes is endless... how about a bundtini? I tend to feel less guilty when things are in bite size form.

You don't have to look too far to get your hands on one of these little gems-
One Pacific Place
10347 Pacific Street

Summer Sandal Picks

Although we've been clearing out most last pairs of our shoe selection during the last few months, we couldn't help but order these three styles from DV by Dolce Vita! They are absolutely great for summer usage, so I thought it was about time I formally introduce them.

From left to right:
The Diana - this neutral sandal adopts a hint of flair thanks to its braided suede ankle straps. Perfect paired with an outfit like jean shorts and an ever-so-popular crop top to keep you cool during the hot summer days. $78-

The Jacquie - this clog-esque chunky heel makes a statement with its thick carmel leather straps and brushed gold buckles. Add a boho touch to feminine microflorals, one of summers hottest trends, with these sandals and another neutral accessory. $92-

The Regina - a wedge so sleek, it reaches the ultimate balance between style and comfort with its boost of height and suede crossover straps. Take advantage the bold and bright clothes hitting the shelves this season by pairing them with this classic black sandal. $88-

Now that you're familiar with all of the styles, stop by the Troc and try on a pair! Even if you're already sporting your choice sandal for the summer, one more pair couldn't hurt... right?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scent Event: Bond No. 9 Madison Square Park

One of our store's most sought-after collections is our finely edited assembly of Bond No. 9 fragrances. While we will always have a place in our hearts for the ever-popular Scent of Peace and the masculine magnificence of Wall Street, our staff and customers alike tend to fall head over heels for the latest scents. Such is the case with Madison Square Park, a gorgeous and grassy floral that launched in April and has come to be known by Bond lovers as "springtime in a bottle."

This super-bright scent starts with the tempting topnotes of grape hyacinth, huckleberry and prairie dropseed grass, a combination that gives off a fun and flirty vibe right up front. These frisky, vibrant florals lead into the much calmer base notes of teakwood and vetiver root for an overall scent that takes itself a surprisingly more seriously than it did at first sniff. The bold colors of the bottle perfectly capture the brilliant spirit of the scent inside, and for an added dose of whimsy, the large bottle even features a detachable rose-blossom bracelet. And while it will more likely wind up on the arm of your 7-year-old niece than become a permanent piece of your jewelry collection, we're not opposed to the idea of arming even your fragrances with accessories!

The punchy personality of this particular Bond bottle has allowed it to garner quite the fan following. At our "Spring Scent Event," we asked a selection of our favorite shoppers to vote on the newest scents, and Madison Square Park secured itself the top spot early on. As the winning fragrance, we ordered it for the store and are proud to now have it in stock! ($250 for the 3.3 oz and $175 for the 1.7 oz).

Of course, we're not the only ones to be crazy about this covetable perfume - it was featured in this month's Allure magazine as an "Editor's Favorite"

Drop by the Troc to catch a whiff of this new scent before it flies off the shelves, and if you've already had the chance to smell it, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Sun Worshipers

As I sat gawking into my laptop screen doing my usual facebook creepin' for the evening, I decided to click on the business Te' Bella MedSpa for some new deals or products that I could swipe my plastic on. Instead of finding that, I found a video on skin cancer. Not the typical "don't tan, tanning causes cancer and gives you nasty leather skin!" but a video that actually spoke to me and was the reason I cancelled my tanning membership the next day.

I do believe that rockin' the pale skin is in, and only adds to your natural beauty. To make a long story short, pale is beautiful. In case you were wondering.

My good friend says it well, "I love pale skin, very twilight."

Check out the video and share your feedback!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion Inspiration

People always ask me which celebrity is my fashion inspiration or who I look to for new ideas, but I never have a solid answer. I can usually name a specific outfit worn by a celebrity that I loved, but I do not have a celebrity that I consistently follow. Last night, as I was looking through pictures from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, I noticed how beautiful actress Emma Watson looked. I then realized that whenever I see a photograph of her, she always looks beautiful and I find myself in love with every outfit she wears! That is when I thought to myself, I have a new fashion inspiration. I decided to Google her and document a few images of my favorite outfits she has worn.

This Burberry number that she wore to the Burberry show during London Fashion week is my absolute favorite! I love the sequins and the rough texture that it gives off. I also love the contrast between the black and gold colors. The shoes are fabulous too, but that's a given. No wonder she made her modeling debut with Burberry during their 2009 Fall/Winter collection.

The cut-outs on this dress are fantastic! This dress shows just the right amount of skin without being too much. The sleek hair, simple bracelets, and nude shoes bring this look together perfectly.

This dress is so elegant and beautiful. The one shoulder is very flattering on her and the ruffle detailing makes the whole dress. She is glowing in this.

This dress has a lot of edge to it, but it still remains elegant. The lace and feather detailing is to die for! I need a dress exactly like this in my closet!

Watson looked stunning in this Marchesa dress that she wore to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. I love the jewel-encrusted neckline alongside the strong shoulders of this dress. My favorite part about this outfit might be her silver metallic Brian Atwood shoes! Ugh, I love his shoes! She also kept her jewelry simple with this dress. Stunning, all around.
(Come into Trocadéro to check out our last pairs of Brian Atwoods. They're on super sale!).

Hit & Miss: MTV Movie Awards

The day after an award show, you can find one of us TrocTalkers dying to discuss the oh-so-stylish and not so stylish get-ups worn by attendees the night before, as per usual. The MTv 2011 Music Awards were held at Los Angeles' Gibson Ampitheatre last night, so here I am to blog about the fashion hits and misses of Hollywood's hottest starlets.

I'll give you the bad news first... The Misses: from L to R.
1. Kristen Stewart: To begin, the picture is too small to notice that her Balmain mini is
adorned with upwards of a couple hundred safety pins. I get the whole "bad-girl" vibe and appreciate it when stars are confident enough to try and pull it off. However, Kristen does not do so in this one. The dangling safety pins and studs scream "Hot Topic sales rack" at me. I also wish the dress would flatter more of her great features, other than her legs.

2. Amanda Bynes: Just gonna' start this one off with a big what in the world was she thinking! I would be the first person to come out and say I admire the work of Hervé Léger's bandage dress on almost any frame, but Amanda really killed the beauty of the dress with some whack accessories (the orange tan doesn't help, either). A black bag and nude dress never killed anyone, but the turquoise Christian Louboutins... with fringe? Um, what?

3. Cameron Diaz: I'm a fan of Cameron's fashion sense for a variety of reasons. Some being that she always dresses age-appropriate and that she highlights her rockin' bod in just the right ways. Her outfit last night wasn't the worst path she could've taken, but it seemed a little blah to me. I like how she shows off her killer legs while covering up her shoulders. But, the Phillip Lim 3.1 romper just makes her top seem boxy and gives her the mom jeans look on bottom.

4. Leighton Meester: Leighton is one of my style icons and I'm disappointed to be putting her in this category, but I can't help but think she sort of missed the memo on this one. Her eye-catching Balmain mirrored dress is expected of her, but the fit isn't good for her body. The sack-like style doesn't do it for me with those Pierre Hardy shoes. With a statement piece like that dress, you need some chunky shoes to complete the look. Strappy sandals was not the way to go.

Now, onto the good news.... The Hits: from L to R.
1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: I wish I were bold enough to rock a Dolce & Gabbana tiger print mini, but I'm not. Good thing Rosie is because she absolutely killed the Red Carpet last night with it. Her cat-eye make-up gave her the smoldering stare to accompany her fierce dress. The cinching at the waist shows off her hourglass figure and her lengthy legs without pushing the boundary of being overly sexy. Also, her Sergio Rossi shoes are just the right amount of feminine to balance a full body of animal print.

2. Emma Watson: I am not surprised Emma made my Hit List. She's honestly one of the few younger stars that never manages to flub her fashion choices. Not only is she absolutely stunning with her new 'do, but her Marchesa dress just adds to her amazingness. I'm told the LWD (little white dress) is the new LBD and Emma is definitely showing me why. The sparkling shoulders add the touch of glam to her otherwise traditional fitted white dress, rendering her a little piece of perfect.

3. Emma Stone: Although I love when she dons some gorgeous natural blonde locks, I love how Emma highlighted her new copper hair color with the metallic undertones in her Bottega Veneta dress. The black lace fits just perfectly around her in a boustier fitted top and gives her a great balance of feminine and edgy. I also love the dark color of her dress against her porcelain complexion. Total. Knockout.

4. Selena Gomez: I may not be a fan of her acting, but I sure am a fan of her outfit choice for last night. Neutrals have definitely been in for the past few seasons and Selena pulls them off in a flowing top and Giambattista Valli skirt. Her natural dark skin is lovely against the pale undertones in her ensemble. Selena really one-upped Amanda Bynes with the tan skin and neutral dress look here. She also one-upped quite a few starlets, landing herself as a Hit.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Green from the Inside Out

A little tasty, eco-friendly meal never hurt anyone, right? Well, Greenbelly made their debut to Omaha in 2009 to provide homemade gourmet food and impact the environment in a positive way. Not only do they strive to make the healthiest gourmet salads in town, but all their packaging is made from 100% compostable corn, environmentally sustainable and completely biodegradable.

Their green goodness menu is packed with create-your-own salads, grilled pizzas and an array of other savory specials to satisfy that belly of yours.

Greenbelly is the perfect spot to swing through if you're on the go. Instead of hitting up a drive through for a lousy burger you'll regret later, try one of their delicious paninis that are made to order. My personal favorite, the Buffalo Chicken Panini, has just the right amount of spice balanced with blue cheese chunks and shredded carrots.

Check out their website for menu items and daily Greenbelly deals!

12355 W Center Rd
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Street Style

Hopefully you all have had the opportunity to see the great fashion documentary Bill Cunningham New York. If you haven't, it'll be out on Netflix soon enough and I highly recommend you see it.

Bill really is the original photographer of street fashion. It's become, of course, a tad cliché with all sorts of folks photographing people on the street in various types of garb and posting them in blogs and the like. But this sort of "voyeurism" of looking into someone's closet and knowing where they got each item, well, it's hard not to look. And it's really hard not to pay attention when one of your very own Trocadero interns is featured!

Doesn't Jared look just smashing in his photo "on the street" during New York Fashion Week last September?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Tasty Tip...

With summer just around the corner, taking full effect on the June 21st, I'm preparing for a three month span of good weather, good friends and great food. Some of the things I enjoy most about the season's menus are the ripe veggies, grill-outs and refreshing drinks that come around only at this time of year. Being vegetarian, I've had to find substitute dishes to keep my tastebuds tingling while everyone chows down on burgers and brats. My most recent delectable discovery was edamame hummus. I had tried the dish a few times before while at school in Los Angeles and loved it. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Blue Sushi and Sake Grill serves a great rendition of it as an appetizer. I find this stuff so yummy, I would eat it by the bowl-full if it was socially acceptable. Therefore, when I found a recipe online, I figured I'd try it. With a few adjustments, I've found the perfect balance for a bowl of the best hummus I've had.

The recipe is as follows:
1 & 1/4 c. edemame beans, shelled
1/4 c. tahini
1/4 c. water
1 tbsp. kosher salt
1 clove garlic, grated
1/4 tsp. ground cumin
1 lemon, zested and juiced
1/3 c. extra virgin olive oil

To prepare: blend all ingredients but the olive oil in food processor for 30 seconds. Slowly drizzle in olive oil while still blending.

The thing I love about this dish is its versatility. Serve it as an appetizer at a cook-out or atop fresh or grilled vegetable slices as a side-dish. Any way you prepare it, you'll be guaranteed to love it.

What's In My Bag: Ellyse

Most of the time my purse is a hot mess inside and I can't find anything! It's like digging in a black hole! So, I decided to clean it out and focus on my most important items that I cannot leave the house without.
On the left, my Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag that I purchased from Von Maur. It was definitely a splurge for me, but it was well worth it! It goes with anything because of the fabulous puddy color and the lovely gold hardware. This bag can also either be a satchel or a cross-body bag with its removable strap. It's the best of both worlds!

Here is an up close look at each of the products I carry.

Anya Hindmarch makeup bag: This little bag I got from Trocadéro is perfect for carrying my many beauty products. It is the perfect size and shape and it's so cute, too!

Cell phone: I cannot live without this thing! I feel lost if I do not have it with me. I wish it was a smart phone but maybe by my next upgrade!

Paul Mitchell hairspray: This stuff will hold your hairstyle in place ALL day! Love it! You will never have a bad hair day if you carry this bottle with you!

Bobby pins: What did people used to do without bobby pins? I think I use bobby pins at least once a day for something. My hair has a mind of its own... I'm always getting sick of it and wanting to change it up. They are perfect for keeping your wild hair in place!

Mint gum: It's always good to have fresh breath!

M.A.C. lipsticks: My first lipstick color is Viva Glam. This color is a natural shade with a little bit of shimmer to it. I like wearing it just to add a little color to my face. Also, the good thing about M.A.C lipsticks is they're not sticky like most lip glosses tend to be. My second color I purchased is Russian Red. This color is all about making a statement! Wearing this color can make any outfit! Just be careful and wipe your teeth often. ;)

Bond No. 9 pocket scent: This scent is called West Broadway and is one of my favorites! This little bottle is the perfect travel size. Just spritz a little on and you can smell fresh on-the-go all the time! Come in and purchase a bottle down at the Troc!

Scarlett Cosmetics lip gloss: The color I have is called Dunes. I like to put this over my lipstick as a finishing touch to add just a little more shine! These lip glosses are almost out at the Troc so hurry and stop in to pick one up before they are all gone!

Kiehl's face lotion: You can never start preventing wrinkles too early! This lotion is a moisturizing, anti-aging cream. I love it and it smells so good!

Hand sanitizer: There are too many germs out in the world to not carry hand sanitizer at all times!

Wallet: I love this wallet because it was inexpensive and it is all sparkles! It holds everything I need! Now if only there was more money in there....

Necklace: I feel naked if I do not have any jewelry on! So, if I'm running late and I forget to put something on, I have a backup in my purse!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Breaking All the Rules

It wasn’t until fellow style maven and blogger and newly found friend Sarah Tvrdik blogged about her obsession with the color orange and featured her new Zana Bayne leather harness on FashFlood that I discovered my new obsession. Why it took me so long to catch on, I don’t know; but the harness is everything I have been looking for in a new accessory. The piece melds together my love of straps, leather, and buckles into something truly magnificent and unique with a risque edge. It’s easy luxury and just abstract enough to make people do a double take.

While I’m a little tardy to the idea, I’m just on time as the harness has carved its place in Spring 2011 fashion. Making appearances on runways like Rag & Bone and demanding exposure in Russian Vogue, and more recently on Lady Gaga’s backup dancers on Saturday Night Live, the harness is rounding up fashion fans like myself all over the globe.

For me the appeal lies in its blatant disregard for conventional fashion and social rules. Prior to the harness' recent boom on the style scene, it was often reserved for extreme dominatrix looks (well...and animals); but now it’s pulling itself somewhere closer to mainstream. While you probably won’t walk into your doctor’s office and find someone sitting in the waiting room casually donning a harness under his or her blazer (although, it would be the perfect way to wear one!), there is something to be said about its journey from closed bedroom doors and closets of goth teenagers.

I think it is most appropriate this season, as many designer's Spring collections encouraged keeping a sense of personal style first and foremost when dressing. The harness is clearly a piece that packs a punch of personality and is something to really make your own by styling it in your individual way. The piece looks perfectly chic underneath a trench or over a classic white blouse (see photo below) and even layered underneath a vest. I love the idea of taking something so generic or classic and completely turning it upside down with something unexpected like a harness. When creating a personal style, it lies in the details. With a bold piece like a harness, an everyday ensemble becomes a statement look and something refreshing and new.

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Heidi Slimane, Vogue Russia April 2011

Runway Looks from Rag & Bone Spring 2011


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Photosource: Fashion Gone Rogue

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