Friday, October 16, 2009

Organizing with Anya (and Sarah)

I love Anya Hindmarch -- all of us Troc girls do! -- and so today when I got her latest email newsletter, I had to take a look. This issue included a link to a video of Anya showing how she keeps her own bag organized. Of course, her beautiful bag (of her own design, natch) includes lots of beautiful stuff inside, also all of her own design. I covet her "loose pockets" purses; we carry them at Trocadero and they're a lovely addition to an accessories wardrobe. I might have to finally pick one up at the Troc, especially now that I'm carrying Anya's Seasonal Tote as my go-to fall bag. (There's one left in the store - I highly recommend it!)

Just for fun, and because I love reading "what's in your bag?" blog posts, I included some photos of my Anya Seasonal Tote and the contents inside, to give our loyal Troc Talk readers an idea of just how versatile this bag really is: perfect for carrying a laptop or file folders, as a yoga tote or just to use every day (like I do!) My bag isn't nearly as stylishly organized as Anya's, though I think my love of all things Troc (hello Kidrobot keychains, Archipelago grapefruit lip gloss, BC I used to be a rice bag cell phone holder and Rafe wallet!) is easy to see.

Here is a rundown of what you see above, starting at top, clockwise: Bajra checkered wool scarf, green portfolio, daily newspapers, Rafe wallet, $7, work cell phone, blackberry, BC phone case, keys with Kidrobot Yummy Breakfast coffee and milk keychains, pen, a selection of lip gloss including Archipelago grapefruit, Chanel nail polish in Intermezzo, extra car key, computer drive holding all the computer documents I used for my wedding planning (hence the giant engagement ring keychain), Oso Burrito frequent buyer card, reading glasses, two checkbooks, RayBan aviators and a vintage Whiting and Davis bag I use for a makeup case. Below, a little closeup of some of my mini Kidrobot keychains: L to R: heart from "Things that Hurt" line, fireplace from "Luckies" line, bomb from "Things that Hurt" line and smiley green flower from the "Zipits" line. The little green guy and the coffee cup were the first two Kidrobot toys I ever bought - and the first purchases I ever made from the Troc!

Click here and click on "As Seen In" to see Anya talking bags and spilling the contents of her bag to the world.

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