Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two for the Road: 10/31/09

Date: 10/31/09
Bag: Fendi "B" Bag in black patent
Shoe: Manolo Blahnik black patent open-toed three buckle pump
Worn with: Plenty by Tracy Reese black tunic top, Nanette Lepore leopard print skirt, Gerard Yosca and Lee Angel jet necklaces
Okay, I gotta admit that Manolo Blahnik can make an awesomely chic, classic but at the same time sexy shoe. Of all the Manolos that I own, this one is near the top of the heap. It has a perfect 90mm heel (3 1/2 inches) that is not too high, not too low. It has great arch support, a very sexy line and the skinny buckles are tiny, tiny and just hug the foot in the right way. I always feel really sexy wearing these heels and often take them with me on any trip where I want to get some height, be comfortable and look sexy but sophisticated. The Fendi bag was a press gift before Fashion Week one season. Some people got the double "B" bag; my former boss found it to be cumbersome and so did I. I liked my "single B" since it was much more lightweight and easier to maneuver. I must admit that often times my Fendi bags had terrible issues with the ease of getting into and out of them. My former boss actually cut herself on the closure of her double "B" bag. Yes, it was that tricky! I am wearing a top by Plenty that I bought at the Tracy Reese store on Hudson Street in the West Village in NYC and the skirt is from Super Saturday in the Hamptons, the yearly fundraiser that In Style and Donna Karan hosted to support the OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund). It was towards the end of the day and Nanette handed it to me thinking it would work for me. I love Nanette Lepore; she is definitely one of my favorite designers I met while working in NYC. She and her hubby were so lovely and kind people. And down-to-earth. I just might have to reach out and say hello to her the next time I'm in the NYC-area. Thanks, Nanette, for my lovely leopard skirt -- still rocking it after all these years! The necklaces are wonderful wardrobe staples from Gerard Yosca and Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel. I carry Lee Angel at the Troc (though nothing jet at the moment). I received both of these necklaces (and the bulk of my jewelry collection) as gifts from the designers themselves. I still have boxes upon boxes of costume jewelry that hardly ever see the light of day...I'll try to post more photos as I get the hang of it...
Oh, and the bonus photo are pillows that were gifts from Manolo Blahnik at the holidays -- a different sketch of a shoe each year. (And some Burberry pillows too from Christmas one year.)

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