Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two for the Road: 10/22/09

Date: 10/22/09
Bag: Chanel Coco Cabas bag in distressed brown caviar leather
Shoe: Fendi rubber rain boots
Worn with: Brooks Brothers boy's blue striped button down shirt, tie, and plaid wool jacket with American Apparel jersey gray skirt and Hue gray tights
It was a rainy, cold day in Omaha so a great excuse to wear my Fendi rain boots. I love them because they are a neutral gray color and blend with anything "grown-up" in your wardrobe as opposed to the childlike, colorful rain boots so often associated with the style. One very rainy season in Paris, the pair of boots arrived in my room at the George Cinq from the Fendi PR office. It was surprising since Fendi is based in Milan and they were the fashion brand to send rain boots while we were in Paris. Hey, I wasn't complaining. Plus, I especially loved it when I was walking through the Tuileries on my way to a show and Andre Leon Talley commented on my choice footwear and I was able to tell him, "Yeah, the Fendi folks sent them to my room yesterday, [sucker]!" Clearly, he didn't get the gift. He probably got a fur with a reversible slicker. My Cabas bag from Chanel was a Christmas gift, probably the best gift ever from them in the history of Christmas presents. It was the bag and not everyone got the Cabas...I love my distressed brown leather one, chosen especially for me by my former assistant who then worked at Chanel. The Brooks Brothers ensemble was purchased in NYC with my 30% discount, the American Apparel skirt from Omaha and my tights from Halls in Kansas City.

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