Saturday, October 3, 2009

Two for the Road: 10/3/09

Date: 10/3/09
Bag: Gucci black shoulder bag
Shoe: Chanel over-the-knee cap toe boots
Worn with: Katayone Adeli lace dress, Fendi fur jacket
I bought this dress at Barneys probably about 7 years ago. Even at 40% off (or whatever it was discounted), it was still expensive in my eyes. But I'm glad I bit the bullet; it has been a great savior dress for many an occasion. It works great for day but transitions perfectly for an evening cocktail event (just change the accessories to sparkly jewelry, sleek evening bag, high heel stilettos). The Gucci bag was a purchase during Milan fashion week; the boots a gift from the Chanel PR girls. I was obsessed with them and they were unable to find them in my size (I'm a 37 normally but in Chanel I'm a 38). These were from the runway, a size 39, but they're boots so they fit just fine. You can't see the jacket in this I had Cygne model it for this post. It was one of my greatest shopping steals; 90% off Fendi sample sale furs. What I really wanted was a $20,000 white fur coat marked down to 2 grand. Honestly, a steal but I still couldn't justify it. So my consolation prize was this badger fur jacket....only $350 down from $3500. Could you blame me?

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Seeing the world in a grain of sand... said...

Love the jacket - fab find. Ditch the handbag (hasn't dated well), but keep the boots