Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Celebrities and Trocadero

We love when we see our products on various celebs -- mostly because it really connects with the customer. When someone sees that a certain celebrity is wearing a certain product...well, I know the power of celebrity (I mean I worked at a celebrity/fashion glossy for over a decade!)!!

I like it even more when the certain celeb is the designer behind the brand. Hey, I'm not one to wear head-to-toe one designer, and I definitely am a believer in mixing the high with the low. That's why I really love that Gwen Stefani is modeling her own Andrha Bala clutch (which by the way is on our own home website page at Trocadero). What's even better is that the chevron and brightly color-blocked clutch is a mere $195 -- a pittance compared to what other bags are out there this season.

The other bag that we've seen on another famous face is the James tote from Botkier. It is seen here on Megan Fox. We love this roomy tote both in this tan color but also the deep purple style we have at the Troc.

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