Sunday, April 5, 2009


Right now, let's just say it's all about "Frugalista" from Rescue Beauty Lounge. This nail polish was created by the one and only Ji Baek, a friend of mine from NYC, in response to the current dire economic situation. If you can't afford to buy and wear sparkly sequin Lanvin, why don't you just settle for some bling on your nails? We couldn't agree more! We're just crazy about this color: a silver glitter with purple flecks. It just seriously sparkles...and is just the perfect pick-me-up. I like wearing it over RBL's color "Grunge" (a pale greyish mauve) as well as Ji's signature Rescue Beauty Lounge color, "Black Russian."

Today at the Troc we received a packet from Bond No. 9 with yet another fragrance launch so soon after "Brooklyn" just arrived! The new Bond No. 9 scent is called "Astor Place," a floral that has notes of violet with freesia and a musky base that makes it so utterly complex but so beautiful. I am not a huge 
floral fan but the violet of this scent is intoxicatingly good. It reminds me of a liquid Diptyque Violette candle. I've always wanted to wear that candle and now thanks to Bond No. 9 I can! I also love the new bottle with its graphic, cubist pattern of bright primary colors. It reminds me of what is going on with our accessories -- as seen here with our Anya Hindmarch patent zip clutches and Giuseppe Zanotti striped ribbon satin with pink and black patent leather d'orsay!


Sarah Baker said...

I think "Frugalista" is my perfect nail color: it doesn't chip (even after doing a sink full of dishes in hot, soapy water,) looks completely fabulous and perfectly accentuates my Pade Vavra druzy ring.:)

Adele said...

LOVE the color but HATE the name. I am bored silly by the "-ista" suffix ! Why does the fashion world insist upon using such stale platitudes and hackneyed buzzwords?

Helen said...

It is a great nail polish!!! It actually stays on!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It is so fun to have on!

Helen said...

Trocadero has a fabulous collection for this spring!!! I love the different colors they have to offer in their shoes and accessories. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this red Anya Hindmarch pouch Trocadero carries and they also have it in a bright yellow and a patent blue that can also be used for Fall!!!