Friday, April 10, 2009

What can't you live without?

As it's nearly the weekend, I'm not too focused on getting all the work done that needs to be done. Instead, I'm thinking about fashion. Alice sent a short survey to Team Trocadero today that asked us to, in short form, sum up our style and our icons. It was fun, though challenging, to complete. I won't share all of the questions, as I'm sure Alice will reveal them soon enough!

But I did want to write a bit about what I chose as my favorite item of clothing: a Diane Von Furstenberg navy blue motorcycle jacket. I randomly purchased this item on ebay last year, and now that I have it, I don't know what I did without it. It goes with everything. It looks good at the office, for a weekend lunch or for going out on the town. It's not quite black, though it can pass for it in the right light, and its buttery soft. It fits me perfectly. I love that it has zippers at the cuffs, and that if I unzip them, my bracelets (usually Russian gold Alex and Ani expandable bangles) show.

Here's a couple of photos my sister snapped of me, in Benson last fall and this winter at a concert at the Qwest, wearing my indespensible jacket. (sorry they're both a bit blurry. But you get the gist.)

So tell us. What's your can't live without it wardrobe staple?

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