Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eco-Rituals Revealed

Each month, Alice asks every Trocadero intern and employee a list of questions and then posts our answers on the website...questions like: "What's on your dresser?"or "Where can you be found on a typical Friday night?" and of course "What's your Trocadero pick of the month?" I look forward to the questions every month because, come on who doesn't like talking about themselves! This month one of the questions was "What's your eco-ritual?" Drew and Sarah's answers were unveiled in this week's Trocadero Tidbits...but here's what the rest of us have to say. Stephanie and Helen are OCD about turning off the lights when they leave their apartments, Sabrina picks up other people's trash so little animals don't get to it and choke(!), and Christine always grocery shops with a canvas bag. Lauren eats organically, rides her bike and composts her waste. Here at Trocadero we recycle our cardboard boxes, cans and plastic bottles (sans cap!) and recently have started carrying some items from BC Footwear that are made from recycled rice bags. 
These are close ups of the iPhone, Blackberry or money holder as well as the flip flops (which come with a little tote bag!) and what makes them unique is that each one is slightly different, depending on the cut of the rice bag! 

As for my eco-ritual, I choose to drink out of my re-useable One Tree Yoga water bottle every day, instead of burning through multiple plastic ones. 

Want proof? 
Alice took a picture of my eco-friendly water bottle...with my Recyclers for Obama pin, of course, in my classic North Face backpack.

Now we're dying to know your eco-rituals. How do you preserve the environment? Let us know your tips by commenting below and we'll post them in a future Trocadero Tidbits newsletter. After all, we're all in this together. 

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Sarah Baker said...

Another of my eco-rituals I forgot to mention is drinking my morning tea in a mug I bring from home. Kath, I also use a plastic water bottle on a daily basis. And I've revived more regular thrift store visits. I figure its the chicest way to recycle! :)