Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't Be Bonded by One Scent

The Bond no. 9 fragrances, brought to the United States (from France) by Laurice Rahme, use only the highest concentrations of oils. This characteristic makes all the different perfumes, named after different neighborhoods and streets in New York, mix very nicely. This winter I religiously wore Andy Warhol's Lexington Avenue mixed with Chinatown for a sweet and spicy scent. Since the spring arrival of Brooklyn, Little Italy and Astor Place, I've been experimenting with some new, lighter combinations for the warmer temperatures. 

Fire Island is a staple for summer because its musk sits very well on damper skin. Alice likes to mix Fire Island with Coney Island for a fruiter fragrance, while I like to mix the fire with Little Italy which reveals only a hint of citrus under Fire Island's sultry sheen. 

Brooklyn's woodsy base notes make the fragrance lean towards a men's cologne. To sweeten it up try mixing it with Chelsea Flowers, which can sometimes be too sweet for me on its own.

Astor Place is a light floral that can be amplified when mixed with Bleeker Street, with hints of jasmine and oakmoss or Nuits de Noho with notes of mandarine and vanilla. 
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Have a favorite Bond combination? Do tell...

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