Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool Factor

When I first heard about designer Matt Bernson, I quickly brushed him off. I wasn't a fan of his signature studded sandal and his "cali" attitude. Boy was I ever wrong. When it came time to pick out my summer shoe, Alice suggested Matt Bernson's "Flash" sandal in black on black with the zip back. I remember kind of cocking my head before I tried them on, but they were surprisingly awesome and comfortable, so I took them home and gave Bernson a chance. I am now a convert. The tag lines on Matt Bernson's website are 'sex + comfort' and 'live beyond trend' plus he describes the "Flash" shoe as 'superhero chic.' So maybe I underestimated the cool factor of Matt Bernson and his sandals. I even had a (guy) friend tell me that he thought my outfit was boring until he saw my shoes!!! It's nice knowing that sometimes other people know your style better than you. (Thanks Alice!)  Are you a "Flash," "Fuji," or "Haley?" Check out our shoe page and tell us your shoe personality. Want more editor advice? Stop down to Trocadero and let us help you pick out your summer shoe or sandal. 

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