Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trocadero featured on My Space Fashion

A couple months ago, my former colleague contacted me wanting to do a profile piece on My Space Fashion on Trocadero. It was a short series of Q&A questions and I'm happy to link it on Troc Talk. One of the questions she asked me was what I was most excited about carrying at the Troc. It really is a hard one to answer—and I expressed that same sentiment but was forced to make a few choices. Looking back I must say that my picks were spot on. All three items: the Anya Hindmarch canvas totesRecchiuti fleur de sel caramels and Kara by Kara Ross jewelry are truly covetable items and also show the diversity of products carried at the store. We are nearly sold out on the Anya totes—so if you want one, you better act quickly. We were out of the caramels for a bit but now with Easter and Mother's Day around the bend, we have reordered the delicious sea-salt added confections and definitely recommend you take home a box of them. for all to read.
They're so good, you'll get addicted fast.
And one of our newest vendors this season, Kara by Kara Ross, has been definitely a breath of fresh air at Trocadero. I am really loving the new jewelry we have brought into the store along with the addition of lightweight summer scarves from Mai, Yarnz, Megan Park...and soon we'll have the bamboo striped scarves from TDM Designs. Perfect timing for Earth Day month!

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